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MS Readathon 2017
This year, students of St Edward’s College will be participating in the MS Readathon. All students are encouraged to participate in this worthy cause. The rewards for participating are knowing that we are helping those with MS and building our literacy skills through reading. Each student will be able to add to their Waterford hours through this fundraising event. Year 7 students will be able to receive Service Certificates for their efforts too! Registrations are open now. Follow the link to register Link to Register for MS Readathon When you search for your school/team, look for St. Edward's College. Reading will take place throughout the month of August. If you are looking for an interesting read, make sure you go to the library to see what is on offer. Final monies raised are to be submitted before 31 October 2017. Happy reading! Lisa Alcorn Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator  
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What’s Cooking in Food Technology?
The Food Technology Department has been very busy creating tasty treats over the past few weeks. Year 9 Food Technology students made tasty 'Apple and Oatmeal Cookies', which are wholesome cookies with rolled oats, walnut and grated apples, as part of their introductory Nutrition unit. The boys had challenges to see who could make the largest, scummiest cookies! Year 10 have been studying Food and the Australian Identity and mastered the art of rolling spring rolls, which is quite a feat trying to stop the filling from falling out. This culinary journey has taken them from Indigenous cuisine to the foods of the early settlers and now a journey of foods from countries that have shaped the eating habits of Australia. These spring rolls were a healthy alternative, as they were baked, not fried. Year 11 Hospitality made Marinated Chicken Wings, then using the chicken off-cuts and vegetable mirepoix to make a white stock for use later in the year. The Year 12 class tempted their sweet taste buds and made Sticky Date Pudding with Caramel sauce. Year 11 Food Technology was fortunate enough to have a hands-on workshop with the representatives from Cake and Plate. They decorated 6 cupcakes with fondant into various food designs as part of their Food Quality unit. Year 12 finalised the Food Product Development unit with a launch, to their peers, of their snack foods. Many boys developed very creative foods which showed great initiative and enthusiasm. [smallgallery fooid="6416"] [smallgallery fooid="6470"] [smallgallery fooid="6666"] Recipes APPLE & OATMEAL COOKIES | PDF BAKED SPRING ROLLS | PDF BEEF TACOS | PDF PRALINE & TOFFEE | PDF STICKY DATE PUDDINGS | PDF  
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Year 10 Information Evening
Year 10 and their Parents are invited to the Information Evening on Thursday 15 June 2017. During the evening, HSC course information will be presented to students who are currently in Year 10 and who will be in Year 11 in 2018, together with their parents. Year 10 Information Night Flyer | PDF  
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Principal Award Recipients
We congratulate the students who were presented with a Principal Award at assembly on Friday 19 May 2017. These students were acknowledged by their teachers as young men who are committed to achieving their personal best and were identified through the analysis of the Interim Reports for Years 7 to 11 and the Mid-Course Reports for Year 12.  They are to be congratulated on their application and effort towards their studies. Award Recipients Year 7 Ari Bailey Tom Crouch Jacques Engelbrecht Atticus Fotofili Ronan Grattan Nick Green Christopher Kemp Jacob Newport Luke Richards Cameron Shaw Connor Spokes Brodie Sweetman Reece Tredwell Alec Warwick Louie Whyatt Year 8 John French Bryson Hartle Joel Vaughan Josh Zaia Year 9 Ethan Dehring Emilio Ingham-Freitas Samuel Mashman Joel Thoms Year 10 Joe Gatt Samuel Harris Lukas Kalos Alex Morris Lachlan Smith Callum Sutton Year 11 Lachlan Barnes Adam Bing Liam Bruchhauser William Butlin Oliver Byrne Marcus Hudson Liam Meggs Mitchell Meredith Alejandro Murdoch Noah Pagden Patrick Rosee Liam Seymour  Year 12 Callum Balneaves Cody Barrett Owen Chaperon Peter Dignam Riley Friend Callum Leighton Hammish Loader Jack O'Connell Mathew Sharpe [smallgallery fooid="6307"]
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Year 12 Retreats at Winbourne, Mulgoa
The retreats of 2016 will be remembered for the great enthusiasm and involvement of all students who attended. Year 12 were given the opportunity to participate in important spiritual experiences on their three day Retreat amid the peaceful and serene environment at the Mulgoa Retreat Centre. They didn’t waste this opportunity. Thanks to Father Jim, Father George, Father Andrew, Father Timothy and our guest presenter Mr Phil Proust as well as the staff from the College for their dedication to our Retreat program. Many staff from the College were instrumental in leading the boys through reflection, prayer, discussion about ‘Images of God’, ‘What it is to be a Man in the 21st Century’, ‘Goal Setting’, ‘The Importance of Communication’, and their future directions. The celebration of Eucharist was very special as it is the last Retreat for this cohort. Parents and staff should be very proud of the input and maturity shown by Year 12. Our guest speakers for the retreat were Mr Phil Proust, Mr Damien Stockwell and Mrs Thomas. All three spoke brilliantly and the boys left with lots to think about. Their talks were informative and inspiring and were well received by Year 12 students. I am confident that these quality experiences will have a lasting effect upon our boys in preparing them for the future. I have no doubt that in years to come, many boys will remember these few days as being very significant in their lives. I thank and congratulate all Year 12 students for the quality of their involvement. The staff at Mulgoa were lavish in their praise of these fine young men from St Edward's. They could not speak highly enough of their positive attitude, friendliness, cooperation, courtesy, and willingness to enter completely into the spirit of the Retreat. A typical comment about the boys was, 'I can’t get over how well rounded they are, probably because they have been exposed to a variety of social justice experiences.' This particular group is a great credit to their families and the College. A special thank you to Mr Speziale the Year 12 Coordinator, and Mrs Toomey our REC for all the great work they did during these important days of review and reflection. [smallgallery fooid="6084"]
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Founder’s Day Mass
The College Founder's Day Mass was once again a special day for St Edward's College. The students were reverent, respectful and prayerful throughout the ceremony in spite of the fact that a fire alarm sounded during Mass. Mass was presided over by Father Jim the Parish Priest of Kincumber. Congratulations must go to all our brilliant musicians who performed at Mass. Staff who performed were Mrs Riley, Mr Beattie and Mr Ritchie. Students in the band were Lochie Gower, Tom Kelly, Chris Kfoury and Jack Lesley. Our musicians were thoroughly prepared by Mr Toole and Mr Droz. Their performances added so much to the prayerful atmosphere of the mass. It was the first occasion that former Brothers and Staff were formally invited back to St Edward’s College to celebrate this Mass. This is a tradition that will continue. At a special lunch, long serving staff were recognised and old friends were reacquainted. Thanks to all the parents and friends of the College who were able to attend on the day. A big thank you to all that contributed to this wonderful community celebration.   [smallgallery fooid="5856"] [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]  
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The Typequick Workshop
The Typequick Workshop 'Typing is a core skill for students in the new millennium'. The Typequick Workshop at St Edward’s College has trained 18 students to touch type. Skills, speed and accuracy gained from the workshop enable students to gain confidence and work faster when completing tasks on the computer. Past students have made comments such as: 'I cannot believe how much faster I am on the computer when completing assessment tasks.' 'My speed was 8 wpm when I started.  I am now typing 20 wpm with 95% accuracy within only 6 weeks. ' Typequick Workshops are held in the Library from 8.15 am - 8.45 am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays every week for a Term, under the direction and supervision of Mrs Edwards.  Any boys who wish to continue-on are welcome to do so while all students who have participated in the program are able to continue to have access to the program at home. There are positions available at present and if students are interested please contact Mrs Kiekebosch ( at the College for more information.  
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Easter Liturgy
The tradition of sharing our Holy Thursday celebration with St Joseph’s College continued this year.  It is amazing to see the Edmund Rice Centre packed with students to remember the significance of Easter. This is a solemn ceremony of prayer, song, and drama. The Passion of Christ is followed by witnessing the Stations of the Cross. This year our Year 10 students were outstanding in presenting the final days of Jesus. This year for the first time, the students from St Joseph’s performed a liturgical dance and it was excellent. The musicians on the day, under the guidance of the music staff from both Colleges produced brilliant performances and created a great atmosphere in the Edmund Rice Centre. Congratulations to all the students who prepared so thoroughly for this wonderful event. A final thank you to all who contributed to the most important liturgical event on the Christian calendar especially Mrs Green who did such a wonderful job. [smallgallery fooid="5520"]   [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]
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A Reward for Year 8 French Students
On Wednesday 5 April, the 60 most enthusiastic Year 8 French students enjoyed a delicious French breakfast of croissants, mini toasts, brioches au chocolate and baguette, spread liberally with strawberry jam and dunked in a hot chocolate. Well done to these students! There will be another opportunity for a French breakfast in Term 2. The models of French icons formed part of the enthusiasm recordings and are testament to the extra effort made by these students. These models formed part of an assignment in which Year 8 students created an information source for a traveller to France. Félicitations to those students with beaucoup d’enthousiasme!krent dlien [smallgallery fooid="5305"]
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Measles Outbreak – Western Sydney
There is currently an outbreak of measles in South Western and Western Sydney, with at least 9 people having acquired the disease in the region during March 2017. Please see the information below for more details:  Measles Outbreak    
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St Edward’s vs Patrician Brothers’ Blacktown
The annual trial game against one of the powerhouses of schoolboy Rugby League was played on our manicured number one oval on a wet and wild Thursday in Week 9. Spectators witnessed two competitive games. St Edwards’ won the Under 14’s and Blacktown took out the Under 15’s. The Under 14's game was a free flowing affair considering the conditions with both teams creating many try scoring opportunities. St Edward's used their backs to gain ground where as Blacktown were intent on using their big forwards to plough through the middle of the ruck. In the end the St Edward's defence held on to secure a 4 tries to 2 victory. There were many great individual performances on the day and every player should be congratulated for their effort and spirit they displayed during the game. In the senior game Blacktown dominated from the first whistle. It soon became clear that they were too big and strong in every position. The Blacktown team had great power and skill. Credit must go to the determined and courageous men from St Edward's for the way they banded together and tried to counter every move the giant Blacktown team threw at them. Once again there were great performances from both teams.  In a dominate performance Blacktown were victorious 7 tries to nil. A big thank you to all the people who contributed to this special day of Rugby League especially the boys from St Edward's who put their hand up to play. [smallgallery fooid="5403"]
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