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20.09.18 Parent Connection
Parenting Ideas – Viewing Your Child’s Report
Teenagers take their cues from the respected adults in their lives, so how parents see their children’s reports affects how they see themselves as learners. Click Here to View Video
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17.09.18 Curriculum
2018 HSC Examination Timetable
The 2018 HSC Examinations commence Thursday 18 October 2018 Year 12 students can view their personal examination timetable on the Student Portal or obtain a personal timetable from 2018 NESA HSC Written Examination Timetable    
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06.09.18 Mission & Identity
Prefect Investiture Mass
During a solemn and beautiful mass presided over by Father Timothy, the College welcomed the prefect body for 2018-19. Their badges were blessed and pinned on their blazer by one of their parents and at the conclusion of mass the 2019 College Captain and Vice Captains were announced.  Congratulations to: Rory Mackintosh - Captain Dale Barrett - Vice Captain Lukas Kalos - Vice Captain Daniel Baez-Cornejo - Prefect Zachary Boyce - Prefect Luke Brien - Prefect Jack Conroy - Prefect Millar Elwin - Prefect Nathanial Hobson - Prefect Tyrone Mafohla - Prefect Brent Mayol - Prefect Timothy McGill - Prefect Zachary Paterson - Prefect Lachlan Smith - Prefect Joshua Toohey - Prefect Alexander Waite - Prefect   During this moving ceremony, the students and staff performed various hymns, which provided a beautiful atmosphere. Thanks to Mr Droz and Mr Toole for preparing the music. These items were outstanding and displayed the many hours of hard work that went into the preparation of the songs. A big thank you to all who contributed to this wonderful community celebration. Mr Beacroft Mission and Identity Coordinator   [smallgallery fooid="14068"] [embed][/embed]  
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03.09.18 Curriculum
Year 11 Preliminary Final Examinations
Year 11 Preliminary Final Examinations commence Monday 17 September. Please see the timetable below Yr 11 Examination Schedule 2018  
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03.09.18 Mission & Identity
Founders Day 2018
Founders Day was celebrated on 31 August 2018 and was attended and enjoyed by staff and students. The aim of the day and the lead-up was to honour the EREA Touchstones of Justice and Solidarity and Inclusive Community. Thank you for the support and donations made by students, parents, local businesses and community groups. Contributors The Norman Family Nutrition Fix Bridge Mower and Chainsaw Centre Kincumber Sand and Soil Mingara Recreation Club Tree Tops Central Coast Clip and Climb Central Coast Avoca Beach Picture Theatre John Ralph Camera House Billabong Patisserie The Judd Family Monties Ashore Zibara Clothing Fat Goose Cafe Gosford Sailing Club Coastal Beverages Bunnings West Gosford Over $20,000 was raised to assist our Edmund Rice ministries in Australia and abroad, to support disadvantaged people. Some of the activities on the day were: Minute to Win It Hammer the Nail Cake Stall Handball Competition Stair Sprint Ultimate Frisbee Eddies Gift Sprint Casino Games Bean Machiine Musicians Films Table Tennis Icecream Parlour Lolly Shop Goal Kicking Golf Chipping Tutor Dodgeball Final EREBB Display Board Games Video Games Sticky Wall Gladiator Duel Raffle BBQ Lunch Results Tutor Dodgeball - won by TD69 Eddies Gift Sprint - 1st Ethan Short, 2nd Cameron Steer, 3rd Will Hamilton, 4th Sam Norris Handball - Max Burns and Owen Bradstreet Hammer the Nail - Billy Attenborough (Yr 7), Lachlan Derwin (Yr 8), Egan Verheyen (Yr 9), John Schepis (Yr 10), Lachlan Hanna (Yr 11), Cameron Hood (Yr 12) Bucket Head - Anthony Sparacino with 27 ping pong balls in the bucket Pass the Footy - Noah Ajala with 8 bullseyes Stair Sprint - Artemi Lomis (4.44 sec Yr 7), Zane Kirkman (4.03 sec Yr 8), Mathew Kuech (4.22 sec Yr 9), Jay LeMesurier (3.96 sec Yr 10), Ryan Birch (3.59 sec Yr 11), Kyle Lang (4.46 sec Yr 12)   [smallgallery fooid="13522"]
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21.08.18 Curriculum
Lucy Wicks visits the TAS and Visual Arts Projects
Lucy Wicks visits the TAS and Visual Arts Projects Being a Member for Parliament allows for a very busy schedule, however, Robertson MP Lucy Wicks took time out to visit the senior St Edward's students and look over their HSC TAS and Visual Arts projects. Students were able to chat with Lucy about their concepts and art making practice, as well as their timber projects and methods of creation. It was wonderful to hear their conversations around prominent topics that effect the youth of today and how those topics have been portrayed in their artworks. The boys were able to communicate with Lucy about their hopes and dreams for Tertiary education and the career paths they have chosen to pursue. [smallgallery fooid="13229"]   [smallgallery fooid="13270"]
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21.08.18 Parent Connection
Invitation to Dr John Irvine Seminar
Parents and carers of St Edward's College students, have been kindly invited by the Broken Bay Catholic School Parents Association to attend the Dr John Irvine Seminar 'Cultivating Inner Strength within our Children' See flyer below for more information, bookings are essential. Book your seat here  
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13.08.18 Mission & Identity
Founders Day
Founders Day St Edward’s maintains a strong commitment to the promotion of Justice and Solidarity. On Founders Day, we come together as a community in celebration of our dedication to this Touchstone. The event is scheduled this year for Friday 31 August and our aim is to build community spirit and inclusivity at St Edward’s. It is anticipated that we will raise $20,000 that will be allocated to support the Mary Rice Centre for disabled children in Nairobi Kenya, St Edmund’s Wahroonga, St Joesph’s Primary School in Walgett and Edmund Rice Camps. The College has a rich twenty-year tradition of celebrating this event on the calendar and we ask for the support of our whole school community in donating $20 per student in the lead up to the day.  This money is being collected at student reception. Students are permitted to attend the day in casual clothing and boys may dress up if they like. Students will be provided with a BBQ lunch and drink on the day and entry into a raffle where over one hundred prizes including a television, mobile phones, sports equipment and many others that have been donated. The St Edward’s staff are working hard to provide a range of fun activities on the day, including rides, oval/outdoor activities, computer games, ice cream/lollies/cake stalls (boys will need some extra money for these) and over twenty fun activities. Attendance on the day is compulsory and the boys in Years 8-11 receive two hours towards their Waterford Project, once they have contributed their $20 donation and attend on the day. Wear a Hood On Founders day Ms Toomey and students from EREBB will be promoting 'Wear a Hood for the Earth's Common Good'.  Students are encouraged to wear a hoodie and take the pledge, see below: Wear a Hood for the Earth's common good I pledge that I will have confidence in myself, That I will credit myself on success I will try my personal best, I will accept other people’s cultures and their beliefs, I will care for the earth and its environments by treating it with the respect it deserves, That when I wear my hood I will stand for the earth’s common good.  
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