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12.12.19 Parent Connection
Holiday Information
Information for the Christmas holiday break: Stationery Below are is the link to stationery requirements for 2020. [embed][/embed] Uniform Shop Opening Times Uniform Shop Holiday Opening Times for January 2020   Enrolment Enquiries For all new enrolment enquiries or for currently enrolled students leaving the College, please contact Mr Chris Millar via Pastoral Care Enquiries For all pastoral care or wellbeing enquiries please contact Mr Paul English via 2020 Commencement Dates Staff Commence - 28 January 2020 Years 7, 11 and 12 Commence - 30 January 2020 Years 8, 9 and 10 Commence - 31 January 2020
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Annual Awards Evening
On Thursday 12 December, the College community celebrated our students' academic success at the Annual Awards Evening. To receive an award at the Annual Awards Evening, students need to have received nominations from their teachers across the entire year (Semester 1 and Semester 2). Each Semester all teachers nominate students in their classes who they believe have performed consistently or academically well. The students receiving an 'A' in their courses will automatically receive an Academic nomination. Students who receive a determined amount of 'consistent effort' nominations across the year will receive an award in that category. Students who receive a determined amount of 'Academic' nominations or A’s across the year will receive that award. Any student receiving A’s in the majority of their courses will receive an Outstanding Academic Award. During the evening College Special and Memorial Awards were also announced including Edmund Rice Awards.  We congratulate all students who received an award on the evening, your hard work and dedication to your studies is something to be proud of. Award Recipients     [smallgallery fooid="23139"]  
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Sports Awards Assembly
Congratulations to the Sports Awards recipients for 2019 On Friday 6 December, the College community celebrated our students' sporting achievements for 2019 at a College assembly. Students were acknowledged and awarded certificates and medals in the following categories: Bronze Awards - Team: The recipients of Bronze Team Awards were selected by their coaches and managers in recognition of their performances, teamwork and sportsmanship. Bronze Awards - BBSSSA: The recipients of Bronze BBSSSA Awards represented BBSSSA at NSWCCC level competitions and carnivals. Silver Awards: The recipients of Silver Awards represented Sydney Independent Catholic Colleges in Rugby League, were named in a NSWCCC team or achieved a placed at NSWCCC or NSW All School Carnivals. Gold Awards: The recipients of Gold Awards made Australian Schoolboy teams, represented NSWCCC or NSW All School teams at a National carnival. At the conclusion of the assembly the prestigious awards of Junior Sportsperson and Sportsperson of the Year were also announced.  We congratulate Benjamin Dufficy on being awarded the Junior Sportsperson of the Year and Sandon Smith on being awarded Sportperson of the Year. Sports Awards Recipients   [smallgallery fooid="23074"]
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02.12.19 Sport
College Swimming Carnival
Annual College Swimming Carnival As advertised in the annual calendar, we will be conducting our swimming carnival on Friday 7 February at Peninsula Leisure Centre, Woy Woy.  The following are some important practical details regarding the carnival. Transport Normal school buses will run in the morning / afternoon and students will catch a bus from the College to the pool and back again in the afternoon. Other students may make their own way to the carnival if appropriate. All boys making their own way to the carnival need to be at the pool by 8.45am, unless they are competing in the 200 m events (see next point). Any student competing in 200 m events need to be at the pool by 8.30 am at the very latest. Buses will not be at the pool by 8.30 am so these students will need to make their own transport arrangements. All students requiring afternoon bus transport will return by bus to the College and catch the afternoon school buses under supervision as normal. Uniform For identification purposes, it is imperative that all students in Years 7 – 10 attend the carnival in their College sports uniform as they would do on a normal Friday.  They can change into their colour house clothes at the pool.  Only Years 11 and 12 are allowed to wear mufti/casual clothing. General Directions As maximum participation is the aim of the day, points will be allocated for every student entering an event. Any boy who attends the carnival is required to participate by: Swimming in all events appropriate to his ability level; Assisting teaching staff in conducting the carnival in some capacity ie: official duties; For supervision purposes when boys are not in races, they are to remain in the stands grouped according to their age divisions. Only the Years 10,11 and 12 will be permitted to gather on the grassed area. Boys need to be equally prepared for cool or warmer weather and bring appropriate sun protection ie sunscreen, as the marshalling area is outdoors. Limited canteen facilities will be available – boys are encouraged to bring their own food & drink for the day. It is imperative that students do not bring large sums of money or valuable audio equipment such as Ipods etc. In these situations, it is impossible for the College to take responsibility for items that may go missing. As the carnival is held indoors, it will be held even in the event of obvious inclement weather. Boys who live locally or who are being picked up by their parents can leave to go home directly from the pool at the conclusion of the carnival, which should be at 2.30 pm. No boy will be permitted to leave the pool precinct prior to the conclusion of the carnival, as rolls need to be marked and the usual important formalities carried out.  I particularly ask that we have parental co-operation in this matter. Parents, carers and relatives are more than welcome to attend on the day however it is recommended you bring your own chair as seating is at a premium. The College Prefects and Leaders will be required at the pool early in the day to assist with carnival set up and again at the end of the day to assist with packing up of the carnival. The co-operation of boys and their families with these guidelines will ensure that it is an enjoyable day for all in attendance.
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28.11.19 Careers/Vocational Education
Careers Pathways Expo
St Edward’s College is hosting its first Careers Pathways Expo. With over 30 exhibitors across universities, colleges, employers, apprenticeship group training companies and TAFE. It is the perfect opportunity for parents and students from Years 10 to 12 to connect with experts. Click the link below for more information. [embed][/embed]  
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31.10.19 Mission & Identity
Kenya ‘Kesheni’ Immersion
At the end of an exhausting Term 3, Mr Mark Bonnici, Mrs Meagan Armstrong, Joseph Hussein, Daniel Pearce, Jackson Robb, Kai Darwin, Aaron Judd, Aidan Davis, Joshua Armstrong and I all substituted a “once in a lifetime” adventure for our normal school break.  This was our school’s annual trip to Kenya to experience the amazing culture and people of this diverse land.Enter leader text here Kesheni is Swahili for “Stay Awake” and this is the hope for not only our team, but all who we now encounter.  That is, to stay awake and aware of the plight of millions of our Kenyan brothers and sisters who live in abject poverty in the Kibera and Makuru slums, both located in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.  The good news is, that there is a growing level of hope that strategies in place are making a difference.  Our school makes an annual contribution to The Mary Rice Centre, located on the periphery of the Kibera slum.  We were privileged to see and experience the great work being done by the locals.  The school caters for the most marginalised of children, coming not only from the slum, but also with profound intellectual disabilities.  Deep-set cultural views dictate that any family with such children is “cursed”, yet The Mary Rice Centre welcomes them warmly.  Teachers, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists cater for these students, mobilising them for employment in the best of cases.  All of our hearts were deeply touched to see the love and commitment of the staff in this place.  It was doubly heartening to note that construction undertaken in part by the Eddies team of 2018 had been added to, and the facilities, whilst modest by western standards, were serving their purpose in a great way. Possibly the other most notable force for good that we partnered with on our stay, were the youth workers from the Kibera slum, led by Samuel Karanja who has an existing relationship with St Edward’s from previous immersions.  For these youth workers, the mission is very personal.  Almost all of them grew up in the slums and have used the power of education to break that cycle within their own lives.  They were now role models for the children of Kibera.  Our seven fantastic Year 11 students collaborated seamlessly with these youth workers to help and inspire the young ones. Other places of social justice that we visited were: The Ruben Centre – an amazing outreach on the edge of the Makuru slum, catering for such needs as maternity, pre and primary school education, micro financing of small businesses, physiotherapy and OT services, workforce skill building and public awareness of corruption within the community. Our students also did some brilliant classroom teaching! The Women for Women centre – helping young women to have a voice in amongst the abuse and misogyny that has infected the community. St Stephen’s informal school – a school located inside the Kibera slum. It was a privilege for the students and I to also teach some classes here. The Advocacy Centre – which advocates for children's rights chiefly through an amazing commitment to educating the community as a whole. Other experiences on this memorable excursion included: Visiting the famed Rift Valley The students being invited to dance on stage in front of an audience at The Kenyan Cultural Centre Seeing baby elephants at an orphanage Dining at Carnivores restaurant – enjoying ostrich, crocodile and ox along the way! Touring the National Park and almost seeing an attack on a baby giraffe by a male lion I think I speak for all involved in heartily recommending this trip to any prospective participants in the future.  It is a perspective challenging, yet fun experience. Mr David Ritchie [smallgallery fooid="22275"]
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Undies for Kenya
Following the incredible generosity of the College community, we were able to donate women and girls underwear to three different groups in Kenya. On our visit to the Ruben Centre, located in the Mukuru community, we donated 50 pairs of Modibodi underwear to the health clinic staff who were so pleased to be able to distribute these to women accessing the health clinic for maternity care. On the day of the Edmund Rice Camp for marginalised youth, the young girls were so excited at the end of the day to be able to choose some brand-new underwear to take home – the chatter was a joy to hear!  Then the camp volunteers, camp leaders and cooks were also delighted to be given the opportunity to choose some for themselves and their friends.  They were so grateful! Finally, visiting Women for Women on the final day, Sr Leonida and a wonderful group of women at the centre, were ecstatic to take delivery of over 1400 pairs of underwear to be given directly to the women and girls of the Kibera community.  They were so very humbled and grateful to the Eddies community and personally asked us to pass on their deepest gratitude and prayers to all those who donated.  It was such an honour to be a part of this wonderful moment and to meet such beautiful people in these organisations, making a difference in the world.  In total, we took over 1700 pairs of undies and the impact this donation had on those we presented them to, will forever be in our memories.  Thank you. Meagan Armstrong
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23.09.19 Curriculum
Good Bye, Good Luck Year 12
Year 12 marked the end of their formal classes with three very special ceremonies this week. The first of these ceremonies was the Graduation Mass. This was the final time Year 12 students  gathered as a group with their parents and family members to celebrate the Eucharist at St Edward’s College. The theme for this mass was Young Men with Purpose, which has been the Year 12 Pastoral Theme for the year. On Thursday, the St Edward’s Old Boys Union provided a breakfast for the Year 12 students to officially welcome them into the Old Boys fraternity. A whole school academic assembly followed this breakfast, where we acknowledged students for their academic endeavours. First and second place in each course and various special awards in leadership and service were presented and the Dux of the 2019 year is announced. Congratulations to all the award winners for their sustained efforts throughout the HSC Year. We wish all of Year 12 the very best of luck in their final exams and look forward to seeing them at the HSC End of Year BBQ on Monday 17 December. Graduation Mass [smallgallery fooid="21584"]   Farewell Assembly [smallgallery fooid="21627"]
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