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Easter Liturgy
The tradition of sharing our Holy Week celebration with St Joseph’s to remember the significance of Easter continued this year.

Once again the ERC was packed with students and staff from both Colleges. This was a solemn ceremony of prayer, song, and drama.

The Passion of Christ is followed by witnessing the Stations of the Cross. Our Year 10 and 12 students were outstanding in presenting the final days of Jesus. The students from St Joseph’s performed a liturgical dance which was reverent and performed to the highest standard.

The musicians on the day, under the guidance of the music staffs from both Colleges, produced brilliant performances and created a great atmosphere. Congratulations to all the students who prepared so thoroughly for this wonderful community event.

A final thank you to all who contributed to the most important liturgical event on the Christian calendar.

Mr Beacroft
Director of Mission and Identity



A recording of the Liturgy can be viewed on the St Joseph’s College Facebook Page:  Click Here