Music Rooms
The Music Faculty is located on the 1st floor of the Br M D Shanahan Learning Centre and has the use of the following facilities.
  • 2 dedicated music classrooms with large rehearsal stage areas and instruments for in-class performance and demonstration.
  • A third music/general purpose classroom utilised for large rehearsal space for concert band rehearsals (containing a full band setup – including guitar/bass/keyboard instruments/amps and acoustic drum kit).


Each of the dedicated music rooms contain the following equipment:

  • 26 Computers connected to MIDI keyboards to be utilised with our notation software (Finale and Sibelius), as well as industry standard sequencing software (Acid Music). Musition 5 and Auralia 5 are utilised for theory based work.
  • Sound recording equipment (to record performances/compositions).
  • 2 Flat screen televisions to display lesson information and demonstrate software applications.
  • LED lighting to make practical lessons even more dynamic.
  • 26 Acoustic guitars to cater for every student.
  • 6 rehearsal rooms containing: PA (mixer desk and speakers), practice amplifiers, electric/acoustic guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, electric drum kits.
  • Brass, woodwind and various string instruments (available for concert band students participating in school musical concerts and productions on a loan basis)

Music classes also have access to the 190 seat theatre for large group lessons (e.g. guitar and djembe drums) and performance based activities.