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Textbook Hire Scheme
In the Edmund Rice tradition of providing quality Catholic education, our school community offers a textbook hire scheme solely to benefit students and parents by substantially reducing the financial burden of purchasing expensive resources. It is a non-profit scheme that provides each student with textbooks for the duration of his enrolment at the College.

How does the Scheme operate?

  • Textbooks for the year in all subjects are generally issued to students during the first two weeks of Term 1. The exception is Year 7-9 HSIE textbooks which are issued for one semester only.
  • English novels are allocated in six-week blocks, in accordance with the appropriate English program.
  • It is expected that all textbooks be returned at the end of each academic year in a condition that reflects ‘normal wear and tear’. An appropriate penalty is charged if books are lost or are returned in a damaged condition.
  • Participation in the textbook hire scheme is a privilege, not a right, and boys who abuse the privilege will have this right withdrawn. In these circumstances, books will have to be purchased at full cost from commercial stockists.

Benefits of the Scheme

  • The College attracts a sizeable discount for bulk purchases of textbooks.
  • By processing these books with protective covering, the College will have the use of these texts for a minimum of three years, removing problems associated with text redundancy.
  • Students who are required to change from one level of a subject to another (eg. Extension Mathematics to Mathematics) are able to do so without any additional textbook cost to parents.

How is the Scheme funded?

The cost of the scheme is included within the ‘all inclusive’ tuition fee.

What if Students Leave the College?

  • Exiting students in Years 7-11 are required to return all textbooks as part of the signing out procedure.
  • Year 12 students are expected to return texts for each subject on the day of the HSC exam for that subject. (Prompt return is necessary to ensure access to textbooks to Preliminary students.)

What if Textbooks are Lost?

Textbooks always remain the property of the College and those books negligently lost or damaged must be replaced at a cost to parents.