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Public Speaking and Debating
St Edward’s College offers opportunities for boys across all years to participate in public speaking and debating. In recent years, St Edward’s has had excellent results in competitive public speaking and debating and have represented the school at state and national levels.

The school participates in the following major debating competitions:

  • NGS Super National Virtual Debating Competition
  • University of Newcastle Debating Competition

Public speaking is also a fantastic way for students to develop their critical thinking and confidence in front of an audience.

The school participates in the following major public speaking competitions:

  • The Plain English Speaking Award
  • The Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award
  • Rostrum Voice of Youth
  • Voice – UN Youth Australia

St Edward’s also offers opportunities for students to develop their public speaking and debating skills and awareness of local and global issues through the Future Council Program and the Model United Nations Assembly Competition, and host and enter events held by UN Youth such as EVATT. These competitions aim to empower students as active citizens by developing public speaking, negotiation, teamwork, research, and diplomatic skills.