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Waste Audit Report – Environment Portfolio
On 27 July the College Environment Portfolio participated in a waste audit.

The idea came from a series of webinar sessions Take 3 for the Sea ran three years ago and it was great to see it finally come to fruition. There were three boys: Owen Bradstreet, Wilheim Hieber and Fletcher Moore who participated in these webinars three years ago and were there on the day to see through their initiative.

Owen and Wilheim ran the event which included students from each year group from 7-12. The students gathered one bin from each of the main areas of the school and then grouped the rubbish from that bin into separate sections on a big tarp in the school quadrangle. This was great, as the whole school got to see what we were doing and it was very interesting listening to the explanations and conversations between students in the portfolio and other students not in the portfolio.

The rubbish, as you can see in the photos, was divided up into foods that could be still eaten (left over sandwiches fruit etc), compostable rubbish (apple cores, citrus peels etc), recyclable rubbish (paper, card board etc), soft plastic recyclables (glad wrap, chip packets etc) and then finally the waste that could not be recycled or composted. It was amazing to see that of all the piles, the non recyclable rubbish pile was by far the lowest with only a few small objects that could not be recycled.  This showed that if the school was able to introduce all of the above recycling options or students were to come trash free and recycle/compost the other items at home, we could potentially fill all of the College’s rubbish into one red bin.

I look forward to watching the prefects present this to the school body and look at what initiatives can be introduced as a result. Well done to all those students who participated! Your passion and drive to make a change will make a difference.