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Community Liaison
The Community Liaison position is a role designed to support parents and families with information about the College.


Mrs Kellie Atkinson, the College’s Enrolment Administrator, has an added dimension to her role as Community Liaison Administrator. Her responsibilities include:

  1. The contact person for all families seeking enrolment.
  2. An additional contact person when parents are unsure of who to direct an enquiry to.
  3. Organisation and promotion of key parenting information sessions on topical issues to support parents with their adolescent sons.
  4. Assistance in the organisation of College events that require parent’s support. (eg  Graduation Mass supper).

The role is designed to continue some of the work that was previously completed by the Parents and Friends Association which, because of long term declining numbers, is no longer functioning.

Mrs Kellie Atkinson can be contacted by calling 4321 6420 or by emailing