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Annual Reports

The Annual College Report provides parents and the wider school community with fair, accurate
and objective information about various aspects of College performance and development. Prior
to publishing this report the College reviews its achievement of College development priorities
and sets its priorities for the year to come, all of which is included in the report.


2022 Annual Report

During the year we progressed with our Building Master Plan. We have called for expressions of interest
from four building companies to undertake the Science Lab refurbishment. We are also in discussions
to repair the water issues we are experiencing in the Theatre – unfortunately the Theatre will be
unusable for the reminder of the year.

2021 Annual Report

The energies of your College Executive, the Teachers, Support staff and College Advisory Council members have
been directed exclusively to continue to provide excellent education access and facilities that are effective and safe.
During 2021 the Council has met regularly with the Principal, Deputy Principal and Business Manager – via Zoom.
The Council continues to support the long- and short-term financial plans of the College.

2020 Annual Report

What a year!
Every individual, family, community, business, organisation and group has been affected directly or indirectly by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

2019 Annual Report

During this year there have been some changes to our Board’s Membership. We were saddened to lose Kerry Baldwin who died after a brief period of illness. We extend our sympathies to Kerry’s wife Leoni and
family. Kerry was a long standing and valuable member of the Board. Kerry brought to this Board the skills, expertise, experience and maturity of a career educator and an ex-student of St Edward’s. He was passionate
about everything that is St Edward’s College.

2018 Annual Report

As an Edmund Rice School with a proud tradition of providing a quality Catholic education for
young men, we are constantly challenging boys to Be the best they can be. This theme guides all
the work that we do with young men in providing a rich and liberating education that encourages
them to be aspirational regarding their future life beyond the gates of St Edward’s. An education
that is guided by a Gospel Spirituality, that promotes the values of Inclusivity, Justice and Solidarity.

2017 Annual Report

Quality teaching and learning is the cornerstone of a liberating education. Throughout 2017, teachers have continued to collaborate on best practice through the Professional Learning Partnerships (PLP) Framework. This framework centres on supporting teachers in providing an innovative, holistic and dynamic educational experience for the boys at St Edward’s.

2016 Annual Report

St Edward’s Christian Brothers’ College (the College) is registered and accredited by the
BOSTES (NSW) and is part of the system of Edmund Rice Schools. Edmund Rice Education
Australia has responsibility for St Edward’s and other Christian Brothers’ schools across Australia.

2015 Annual Report

The construction of the Shanahan Learning Centre was a major disruption to all teaching and support staff, students and neighbours. I am pleased to report that all those affected “soldiered on” with no significant complaints for the inconvenience. At this point I would like to particularly acknowledge and thank Wendy Weir and Craig Friend for their commitment.

2014 Annual Report

2014 has been an exciting and challenging time for the leaders of the College. Apart from the normal rudiments and busy schedule of offerings on the College Calendar, we have undergone a full and rigorous Board of Studies Inspection at both campuses and have erected a magnificent resource called the Shanahan Learning Centre.

2013 Annual Report

I consider it a tremendous personal honour to lead the community at St Edward’s. In this, our 60th year of operation, it is exciting to be ‘the boss’ at Christian Brothers East Gosford. But I recognise that leadership of the College is both distributed and shared. It is assumed by all the staff, parents and the students.

2012 Annual Report

The past year has seen the College continue in the consolidation of both its academic achievements and sporting attainments. One can only be in awe of the efforts of all the staff and the students in considering the results attained year on year which continues to improve.

2011 Annual Report

This year has been one of deep reflection and consideration for the College Board. The membership of the Board did not change greatly but for the resignation of Scott Conners, a leader of the future. His contribution to discussion, debate and ideas was of significance. He will be difficult to replace and I thank him for his contribution during the year past.

2010 Annual Report

2010 has been a year of significant change both at senior executive level and on the Board of the College. At the commencement of Term 1 we welcomed Dr Michael Slattery, newly appointed College Principal, who succeeded the retiring Br Peter Hester. At the conclusion of Term 2, Michael Walsh, long serving Deputy Principal, departed for long service leave prior to commencing retirement.

2009 Annual Report

In 2009 the following priorities were successfully implemented: Priorities flowing from the Strategic Plan, continuing the implementation of Restorative Justice practices with students and the development of a College Master Plan for facilities.

2008 Annual Report

In 2008 the following priorities were successfully implemented: Priorities flowing from the Strategic Plan, preparation for registration and accreditation by the Board of Studies was commenced, continuing the implementation of Restorative Justice practices with students, development of a College Master Plan for facilities and teaching strategies to improve the literacy skills of our students.

2007 Annual Report

The school priorities for St. Edward’s College in 2007 were based around improving the relationships between the boys and staff by educating staff, boys and parents in the Restorative Justice approach to managing behaviour. Towards the end of 2007 the priorities for 2008 were endorsed. They included the implementation of the strategic plan for the College.

2006 Annual Report

Enrolments at the The Haven Education Centre stabilised at 12 with four teachers, a teachers’ aide and a number of volunteers on the staff. An application for tax-deductible status was successful and further fund raising initiatives resulted in the Haven acquiring a sounder financial footing for 2007. A significant amount of time was invested in the development of a strategic plan for the 2007–09.

2005 Annual Report

During 2005 The Haven Education Centre was in its second year of operation. One of the priorities for the College was to continue its support for the students and teachers at the Centre. The school priorities for St. Edward’s College in 2005 were based around improving the approach to teaching in the classroom in order to more effectively engage the boys in learning.

2004 Annual Report

One of the major priorities for 2004 was the establishment of The Haven Education Centre as an annexe of the College. This involved the hiring of staff, enrolment of students and seeking to establish the Centre on a sound financial footing. Another College priority was based around improving the approach to teaching in the classroom in order to more effectively engage the boys in learning.