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Transport Information

Private Transport – Student Drop-off and Pick-up

Student Drop-off:

  • Parking in or across the College driveways or neighbours’ driveways is strictly prohibited. It is advisable that students are dropped off in Duke or Albany Streets.
  • No Double Parking: Under no circumstances should anyone double park as this leads to dangerous traffic congestion, creating a hazard for pedestrians.

Short-term Parking:

  • Visitor Parking: Visitors may utilise the designated visitor parking spaces located in front of the reception area. College gates open at 9:30 am and close at 2:30 pm.

Student Pick-up During School Hours:

  • Reception Attendance: Parents/Carers picking up their sons during school hours must physically attend the reception office to collect the student. Students must have given a note to their Pastoral Leader to obtain permission to leave with their parent/carer.
  • For students in Years 7 to 11, leaving the College grounds during school hours is strictly prohibited unless they are accompanied by their parent/carer.

After School Pick-up:

  • Driveway Restrictions: Similar to drop-off, parents/carers are not permitted to park in or across the College or neighbours’ driveways after school hours.
  • No Double Parking: The same rule applies—avoid double parking to prevent unnecessary traffic congestion.

We kindly request the full co-operation of all parents/carers in adhering to these firm guidelines to ensure the safety and efficiency of student drop-off and pick-up procedures. Your compliance is essential to maintaining a smooth and secure school environment.


All new students intending to catch the school bus, must visit NSW Transport – School Travel Passes to apply for a School Opal Card.  Once the application has been approved by NSW Transport, the Opal Card will be posted to the student’s home address.


Afternoon and morning bus services are shared with the students from St Joseph’s College.  Students are to assemble on the basketball courts to catch the afternoon buses.  When their bus arrives, students should line up in the appropriate lines where teachers will supervise boarding.  Students are not permitted to leave this area while waiting for buses.



Dual Addresses

In some instances, students may require more than one bus pass eg living arrangements of parents. If this is the case, a second application form should be completed, together with a statutory declaration (available for the College office) confirming living arrangements, as well as a letter explaining requirements. These applications are reviewed by The Department of Transport and may take longer to process.

Change of Address, Damaged and Lost Bus Passes

If students change their address, damage or lose their school opal card, they should refer to the NSW Transport Lost and Stolen Cards website for an update and/or replacement.

Train Transport

In most cases train transport isn’t required or encouraged for students at St Edward’s College however individual circumstances may require special permission.

If students live in an area where bus transport is not sufficient please contact the Enrolment Secretary for special consideration for a train pass.