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Sport and Representative Opportunities
The College has a long tradition of sporting competition with many remarkable successes. A comprehensive range of sporting activities and opportunities are offered to students by our following affiliations. An activities policy is in place to ensure that the general teaching process is maintained.   Diocese of Broken Bay Sports Association (click here for link) Athletics Basketball Beach Volleyball Cross Countr Golf Rugby League Football Surfing Surf Life Saving Swimming Tennis Touch Football Water Polo Central Coast Schools Competitions AFL Debating and Public Speaking Football - Bill Turner Cup Oztag Rugby League Rugby Union Surfing Touch Football Water Polo Sailing NSW Combined Catholic Colleges Competitions (click here for the link) Basketball (Yrs 7/8, 9/10 & Opens) Cricket (Berg Shield & Downie Trophy) Football (Opens Soccer) Hockey Rugby League (CCC Cup, Cochrane Cup) Tennis Triathlon Water Polo How to register for NSWCCC Individual entries   Other Activities Sailing, Triathlon and opportunities for students to represent the College in activities such as Equestrian and Kayaking. Combined Catholic Colleges’ Sports Association Talented players in all the above listed sports are able to compete at State and National level through this body. Competitors in other sporting competitions are given opportunities to compete at the appropriate higher levels. For more information please visit the NSWCCC website: Weekly Activities (Years 7-10) Each Friday, time is allocated for student’s to participate in a variety of sports and activities. Students in Years 7 to 10 participate in activities on a rotational basis. This time may also be used to prepare teams for some of the above competitions.
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College Houses for House Cup
St Edwards College House Cup houses are determined by Home Room groups. Please see below a list of Home Rooms and the houses they represent. Shanahan (Blue House) Spillane (Red House) Knights (Green House) Doolan (White House) Home Rooms Home Rooms Home Rooms Home Rooms 03 01 13 12 09 02 18 16 10 17 19 26 11 23 33 27 34 24 36 35 46 25 37 39 50 32 38 49 51 58 40 57 62 70 59 62 67 DR 61 69 68 66 72 71   Home Room 15 is made up of Prefects who remain in the house they were in during Year 11. Home Room 65 is made up of elite sportsmen who remain in the house they were in previously.
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Public Speaking and Debating
St Edward’s College offers opportunities for boys in all years to participate in public speaking. Obviously, speaking in a formal sense is part of all subjects and forms part of assessment in most areas. These might include impromptu as well as prepared speeches. The aim of the College is to provide students with opportunities to develop public speaking skills through competition. Principal competitions entered include the Rostrum Voice of Youth for both senior and junior students; the Sydney Morning Herald Plain Speaking Award (senior) and the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award. These are all national competitions. In addition, Year 11 students are targeted to participate in the Lions Youth of the Year Quest. Young men who are looking to highlight their leadership credentials are encouraged to represent the College, and become one of the local Lions Club’s candidates in regional, state and, hopefully, national finals. Students from Years 7 to 11 take part in the Josie Mitchell Public Speaking Competition and students from Years 7 to 9 compete in the Josie Mitchell Debating Competition.  Students also participate in many United Nations events including youth camps, MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly) and EVATT. The College has been a strong supporter of the University of Newcastle Debating Competition, held in late Term 4. It provides an opportunity for our boys to challenge themselves and gain representative honours for the College.
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Mock Trial
The Mock Trial Competition, supported by the Law Society of NSW, is a program designed for all NSW students. It introduces students to the NSW judicial system by providing practical experience into the running of a court case in a true-to-life adversarial setting. The competition also helps students to grow many of their learning dispositions and skills, such as listening, speaking, writing, reading and analysing. Students must engage with the competition as legal professionals, following all court protocols and spending considerable time in preparation for each round. The goal of the program ultimately is to learn and understand the meaning of good citizenship through participation in our system of law and justice. Each trial is presided over by a Magistrate (a solicitor) who awards marks to each team based on a range of criteria, such as opening addresses, closing submissions and cross examinations. The team with the highest mark wins the trial. The duration for each round in a Mock Trial is for approximately four weeks. With each new script, the students are introduced to a new criminal/civil case, a new area of the law and new challenges to win the next case.  
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Camps and Retreats
The focus of the retreat program is to bring to life the Religious Education that is taught in the classroom. In combination with the Social Justice program students are able to call upon what is taught and link it to the real world. It is an expectation of every senior student at the College that they participate fully in the Religious Education program of the school. This includes lessons, liturgies, excursions and retreats. The Year 11 and Year 12 retreats form an integral part of the College curriculum and are, therefore, compulsory for each senior student. Year 12 Retreat This retreat provides our Year 12 students with an opportunity to reflect on their personal journey at a significant time in their life. The students will be taken to a country setting, the Christian Brothers Retreat Centre at Mulgoa, where they will work with a retreat team. The team will facilitate an experience that will consist of group activities, discussion, personal thinking time and prayer. These activities are designed to enable the students to look at where their life is at present and where they might be headed in the not too distant future. They will be guided by the team to reflect on their relationships with others and with God. There will be time set aside for recreation, relaxation and/or study. One of the main features of the retreat is that this will be a shared and unique experience in their final year at St Edward's College. It should prove to be a memorable and rewarding experience for each student. Year 11 Retreat This retreat provides our Year 11 students with a unique opportunity to witness practical Christianity in action. The students will stay in Sydney and will see many social justice initiatives of the Catholic Church and other Christian organisations in and around the heart of the city. They will meet people involved in organisations such as the Matthew Talbot Hostel, The Wayside Chapel, Youth of the Streets, The Jewish Holocaust Museum and those who work with Aboriginal people, the homeless and, drug and alcohol addicted people. The aim of this retreat is to enable the students to experience, first hand, the heart of Christianity. We want them to understand what our College, through its traditional links with Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers, stands for and is attempting to teach in our Religious Education program. Year 10 Retreat The Year 10 retreat is a one day event usually held at one of the local surf clubs. The focus of this day is to assess the many relationships the boys are involved in, with a particular emphasis on their relationship with their father. Camp Program Rationale St Edward’s College camps program is designed to complement the school’s education programs and provide students with further opportunities to develop their learning and social skills. These opportunities aim to develop deeper learning, confidence, independence, responsibility and a sense of community within the context of our Catholic principles and values. Camps are an integral part of the curriculum, and, all students are expected to attend. Aims To reinforce, complement and extend learning opportunities beyond the classroom To provide students from years 7 to 10 the opportunity to participate in a sequential camping program To develop social and emotional skills To provide programs that promote self esteem, resourcefulness, independence, leadership, judgment, cooperation and tolerance To develop an awareness of and pride in the natural environment To broaden student’s concept and experience of different environments To develop skills and competence in various activities associated with outdoor education Camp Destinations Year 7 – Outdoor Education Experience - Morisset Year 8 –  Outdoor Education Experience - Nepean Adventure Centre Year 9 - Outdoor Education Experience - Mangrove Mountain Year 10 – Active Learning Initiatives  
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St Edward’s College and St Joseph’s College host a combined disco on three occasions each year. The tradition is much loved and well attended by students from both schools. Discos are a chance for social interaction between students from the two schools. The discos are held in a safe, drug and alcohol free environment with 100% of profits raised going to both schools via St Edward’s Parents and Friends Association. The Disco Committee, a sub-committee of St Edward’s Parents and Friends Committee, and volunteer parent supervisors are responsible for the running of the discos. This includes purchasing supplies for the disco canteen, booking the DJ, assisting in the cloak room, collecting money at the door and general supervision in and around the disco. A security guard is also employed for the evening from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm. Disco Rules Students need to bring some form of identification with them. The cloak room will not mind mobile phones. Chew gum it not to be brought – it is very difficult to remove from the floor of the hall. Shoes with tapered (especially stiletto) heels are not allowed. Students cannot leave without parents arriving to collect them. Appropriate dress must be worn, avoiding clothing with offensive logos. Glow sticks are not allowed – they can break and mark the surface of the hall Students are not allowed on the stage. Lifting people onto shoulders or dancing inappropriately is not allowed. Other information Entry fee is $10 payable at the door. Students may be random breath tested as part of the entry procedure, and during the evening. Parents are expected to collect their son promptly at 10 pm. Parents are not to enter the disco area, but are to wait in the bus shelter area or outside the College grounds. Those who are assisting with supervision must register, sign a ‘prohibited person declaration form’ and obtain an identification tag. A number of parent volunteers are required for the safe and effective operation of the disco. Without sufficient parent volunteers, the disco cannot proceed. If you can spare a few hours to supervise, please print and complete the form and return it to the College or alternatively email to
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