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In Drama, students learn about themselves and others by creating characters and situations. Drama provides a powerful means of exploring the way people react and respond to different situations, issues and ideas.

Drama provides a particular valuable means of increasing self-confidence and social awareness. Students are involved physically, emotionally and intellectually – they learn through doing.

Drama is a cooperative process through which students develop their ability to share and communicate. Drama helps students learn about emotions, problem solving and relating to others. Students develop their imagination and self-confidence.

The study of Drama is valuable for secondary students because it is an important form of expression and communication in almost every known culture, including those that make up Australian society. Drama is a subject, in which all pupils can, need and should participate. Students who have participated in Drama not only enjoy it, but also openly admit to being more confident with their communication and interpersonal skills and have a greater cultural appreciation and understanding. Members of the department aim to give students a wide variety of experiences and skills of this nature.


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Drama is not offered in Stage 4
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