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Senior Students
Senior students as older members of the College have increased freedoms but also increased responsibilities. All senior students are expected to be appropriate role models for younger students.

There are a number of different opportunities for senior students to demonstrate leadership. This might be as a designated College Leader, a member of a Prefect portfolio or as a College Prefect. All senior leadership roles have as their basis the following:

  • The appropriate wearing of the College uniform, at school, travelling to and from school, in public places and for school events;
  • Modelling of appropriate behaviour at school and travelling to and from school;
  • Demonstrating an appropriate work ethic and application to their studies;
  • An ongoing commitment to the College’s justice and peace program;
  • Active supervision of younger students when travelling;
  • A commitment to meeting the expectations of the role description for their leadership position.

Student Leadership Team

All Year 8 to 11 students are entitled to apply for this position if they feel they can fulfil the requirements of the role description. In addition to the above they are expected to assist the Home Room Teacher in the administrative duties and pastoral care of younger students. This could take the form of mentoring younger students in the Home Room class.


Prefects undertake to show leadership in a particular area of College life. Typically these could be: Sport; Liturgies and Assemblies; Social Justice; the Environment; Technology; Publicity; Creative Arts and Social Activities. Each area might have two or three Prefects taking a leadership role.

Prefects also represent the College in the public arena where they may attend events like Citizenship Ceremonies. The College Captain and Vice Captain(s) are chosen from the Prefect group. The prefect group is normally about fourteen students.