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Information and Communication Technology
With today’s growing need for increased access to the latest technology within the classroom, St Edward’s College has adopted a program which allows continued renewal and upgrading of all aspects of Information Technology.

The College embraces the philosophy of anytime, anywhere access to digital resources and accomplishes this by ensuring the infrastructure is well ahead of trends and by having a dedicated technology support team. The College is wireless enabled to 95% of the campus.

Every classroom in the College is equipped with data projectors enabling staff to engage students with an ever expand e-learning curriculum.

Students in Years 7 to 12 will be provided with a Personal Learning Device (PLD).

These devices will enable:

  • Students to use technology to further their learning, independently and in structured lessons
  • Teachers to have the opportunity to consistently construct learning experiences that are geared towards collaboration and connection
  • Increased student engagement

St Edward’s College students and staff have access to a large variety of applications available on every desktop and notebook, these include:

  • Microsoft Office suite, Cloud services from Office 365, Google Docs
  • Adobe Creative Suite which includes: Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash Professional
  • Clickview which is a collection 1300 digital video resources accessed via any desktop or notebook promoting individual learning
  • 50 dedicated applications for all key learning areas including Music, Technology and Applied Studies, English, Maths, PD/H/PE, Science, Drama and Visual Arts.
  • Student Portal providing access to daily management tools

The College has an internal intranet for students and staff. The intranet provides useful links, resources and updates about events in the College. St Edward’s College also utilises Canvas, which is a learning management system providing students access to engaging online course content.

Our Parent Portal encourages parents and carers to participate in their son’s education, with access to view timetables, reports and many other features.