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Year 10 Camp
The Year 10 camp was an amazing experience for the boys who challenged themselves in activities that were outside their comfort zone.

The weather was incredible for the whole week, with sunshine and mostly blue skies. It was still cold in the morning and night, especially in the carpark at Charlottes Pass before the hike.

The landscape for the hike was a colourful mix of snow, blue lakes and alpine flora. The hike was a challenging 16 km where the boys where driven to Charlottes Pass and then walked to Guthega. The hike included a river crossing requiring them to take off their shoes and socks. The boys also abseiled, rode (and crashed) mountain bikes, camped in tents, camped under tarps and swam in Jindabyne Lake whist raft building.

Most importantly though, they tackled everything that was thrown at them with good humour and tenacity. The boys’ behaviour was fantastic, and the staff and instructors were full of praise for the way they approached the camp. I believe the challenges of camp show a person’s true character and if this holds true, this group are going to be amazing young men in Years 11-12. Thanks boys for a great week.

Mr Beattie
Year 10 Coordinator