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Brighter Futures Program
We are delighted to share the highlights of the Aboriginal Cultural Program that has unfolded over the past six weeks, providing our Aboriginal students with a rich and meaningful exploration of their heritage.

Cultural Learning with Aunty Beth, Uncle John, and Fletcher

Aunty Beth, Uncle John, and Fletcher from Cultural Choice Association have taught the students much about Aboriginal culture, imparting invaluable insights into various aspects of culture from bush foods and medicines to creation stories. These sessions not only deepened their understanding but also fostered a strong sense of pride and connection to their culture.

Wellbeing Workshops

In addition to cultural education, Fletcher led empowering wellbeing workshops focused on teenage mental health. The sessions provided essential tools and strategies for our students to navigate the challenges of adolescence while promoting a positive and resilient mindset. We believe that fostering mental health awareness is integral to nurturing well-rounded individuals, and these workshops were a crucial component of the program.

Collaborative Artwork Reflecting Identity

Throughout the program, students engaged in a collaborative art project that beautifully captures the essence of their identity, the spirit of our College, and the richness of their cultural heritage. This artwork stands as a visual testament to the unity and diversity within our school community, showcasing the unique perspectives and talents of each participant.

As we conclude this transformative six-week journey, we extend our gratitude to Aunty Beth, Uncle John, and Fletcher for their dedication and expertise. Their contributions have left an indelible mark on our students, fostering a deeper appreciation for their cultural identity, and equipping them with valuable tools for personal growth.

We look forward to future initiatives that continue to celebrate and honour the diverse heritage within our school community.