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Sun and Surf at Year 8 Camp
Well boys, we made it through three tough days of camp. I would like to commend all for coming, and for most of you this was your first camp since Year 5.

It was an early start on the Wednesday but all boys arrived on time, and were eager to make their way to Killalea State Park. Thank you to all the parents for the early drop off.

Day 1 entailed the boys arriving around 9:00am to be broken up into 10 different groups. They had to construct their own tent, and for some this was a challenge. All boys showed resilience and perseverance to get the job done in a strong wind. Some tents went flying, but we all eventually got there! Then it was time to sunscreen up and hit our first lot of activities.

There were five activities on offer: Surfing, Beach Sports, Bush Walk, Mega Paddle plus Kayaking, and Archery Tag. It was quite a walk to each activity (and extremely hot) so I am proud of the boys for keeping up their fluids and showing a willingness to participate. Black Diamond definitely looked after us in regards to food, we received bacon and eggs for breakfast, ham and salad sandwiches for lunch, and burgers plus burritos for dinner.

Day 2 had the boys rise early to get stuck into three lots of activities. There were a few burnt and tired souls come Thursday afternoon, with most of the boys falling asleep while watching a movie before bed. Once all boys entered their tent, they crashed.

We were blessed with the weather as there was not a cloud in the sky for the entire trip. As a school, we are thankful for Black Diamond for going above and beyond to provide our boys with an experience that they will not forget.

Mr Marks
Year 8 Pastoral Leader