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Diverse Learning
Support for students with Diverse Learning Needs

At St Edward’s there is a significant commitment to an inclusive education model that supports all learners in our school community to achieve growth and improvement.  We recognise that our students have diverse needs and continually look to provide learning experiences that will engage and challenge them as learners.

As part of the mixed ability inclusive education that St Edward’s offers, support for students is provided predominantly in the classroom. As a part of this commitment, teachers work to provide learning experiences that provide students with appropriate levels of challenge, allowing them to access learning and demonstrate their understanding in a variety of ways. They are supported and guided in this work by the Diverse Learning Team.

The Diverse Learning Team is made up of the Leader of Diverse Learning, Teacher of Diverse Learning, and a team of dedicated and highly experienced Learning Assistants that provide support to students with diverse learning needs.

Student growth and progress is monitored and our Diverse Learning Team work with teachers to design and adjust learning experiences and assessment that allows all students to demonstrate learning growth. The Diverse Learning team use a range of evidence-informed strategies to support student learning including a variety of intervention programs. These supports are put in place as a part of a collaborative planning process involving the student, parents and teachers. We find that this collaborative process builds relationships between home and school and enables students to feel supported in their learning by the adults in their lives.




Mentoring Program – Years 9 and 10

A mentoring program is offered as an elective for Years 9 and 10.  The program supports students as follows:

  • Reduces workload
  • Provides homework and assessment support
  • Develops self-management skills including:
    • Organisational skills
    • Social Awareness
    • Interpersonal relationship skills
    • Building resilience
    • Emotional regulation
    • Decision making

High Potential Learners

St Edward’s College implements a diverse range of programs and initiatives aimed at extending high potential learners (gifted and talented)  in a variety of academic, creative, technological and sporting endeavours.

In 2024, we launched the Bungaree Program for high potential learners.  More information about the Bungaree Program can be found by clicking here.

In addition to the Bungaree Program, in the academic domain, students are encouraged to enter competitions in Mathematics, Science, English, Debating, Mock Trial and Computing. Workshops are designed and run in some of these faculties and students who demonstrate ability and interest are invited to attend. Teachers also develop units of work that include extension activities and modules to challenge the more academically capable students. In the creative domain, talented musicians are encouraged to participate in the College Band, Jazz Group or Guitar Group and the College Performance evenings. Students interested in Drama are also encouraged to perform in the Drama Club, College Performing Arts evenings, the College Musical and at Friday assemblies and liturgies throughout the year.

Students who demonstrate a talent in the sporting arena are given many opportunities to develop their skills through the numerous representative sporting competitions available at the College. All the competitions maintain pathways to representation at an elite level.