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Positive Levels
When students are enrolled at the College they enter the Level System at Level Three and can move up to Level One Gold if they attain certificates in the areas of Behaviour, Service to the College and Academic/Effort.

Students at Level 1 Gold are seen as students who have contributed to all areas of the College and need to sustain this in order to remain on the highest level.

Class Merit Slips

Teachers will distribute merit slips when a student’s behaviour warrants it. Class Merits can be awarded at any time. Ten Class Merit Slips can be traded in to your Tutor teacher for a Green Tutor Teacher Certificate. These are given for such things as the following:

  • Outstanding results/efforts in tests/assignments
  • Special effort in or out of class
  • Outstanding work/effort in homework
  • Meritorious efforts in the yard
  • Cooperation
  • Attitude
  • Punctuality
  • Respect for staff, students and the College

Subject Teacher Certificates

Teachers will award Subject Teacher Certificates twice a term for such things as:

  • Assignments
  • Special effort
  • 100% effort in class
  • Bookwork
  • Gifted and Talented activities
  • Attending workshops
  • External competitions
  • Exam results
  • Assignments
  • Improved performance
  • Consistent effort
  • Working independently
  • Regular homework

Service Certificates

Service to the College certificates are awarded to students for contribution in areas such as:

  • Sporting representation
  • Cultural representation
  • School representative
  • Peer guidance
  • Community service
  • Justice and Peace
  • Open days
  • Peer tutor
  • Market day
  • Reader/writer
  • SVDP
  • Concert band
  • Debating
  • Server
  • Choir
  • Art show
  • Drama performance
  • Sound system

Green Tutor Teacher Certificates

Ten Merit Slips can be traded-in to your tutor Teacher for a Green Tutor Teacher Certificate.  You can also obtain a Green Tutor Teacher Certificate for positive behaviour in Tutor.

Blue Subject Teacher Certificates

Awarded by subject teachers for excellent results in class, assignments or assessment tasks.

Yellow Service Certificates

Given for outstanding service to the College eg sport representation, public speaking, debating, community service, assisting at liturgies etc.

Level 1 Gold and Level 2 Silver

When a student has received 10 certificates across any of the areas of Behaviour, Service or Academic/Effort they can be given to the Year Coordinator who then issues a Silver Certificate. If the student were on Level 3 he would then move to Level 2 Silver. Apart from the Silver certificate, a student on Level 2 may obtain permission to go home from sport on Fridays. A student can continue to exchange 10 certificates for Silver Certificates. Progression to Level 1 Gold is only achieved when a student receives a minimum of two Silver Certificates and approval from class teachers using the Code of Learning Form that indicate a nominated contribution from that student across all areas of Behaviour, Academic/Effort and Service to the College. At Level 1 Gold a student receives a gold card and has available various opportunities including:

  • Level 1 Gold day out at the movies and lunch supplied each semester
  • First on the bus after seniors
  • With parental permission, lunch at East Gosford on Wednesdays
  • Choose first with sport selection after seniors
  • Go home straight from sport