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Gosford Police Station Mural Project
Two years ago, Chief Inspector Paul Nicholls approached the Photography department with an idea – a wall mural constructed of hundreds of photos of Gosford Police Station, telling the history of the station in pictorial form.

Year 10, 11 and 12 Photography students were assigned the task and we set to work – then the dreaded COVID hit! Two years and two lockdowns later, our project is completed and has come to fruition. Many hours have been spent by students editing each photo, merging, layering and photoshopping the mural, which measures a very large 1.8 m x 5.0 m in area. The mural was then delivered to a company for production and installation, and we are proud to present photos from the official opening ceremony of the mural in situ.

Congratulations go to the following students for their hard work and perseverance in contributing their share to the mural:

Flynn McHale, Will Turton, Nathan Collis, Andre Sirio, Conor Kelly, Will Clarke, Oliver Wagemaker.

These boys spent hours editing and proofing photos, erasing and changing backgrounds to make the mural as spectacular as it is. It is a credit to the boys and their perseverance, work ethic and professionalism. What a wonderful way to link our local Police representatives with a sense of community and pride – well done, Eddies!