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Performing Arts
Music education uniquely contributes to the emotional, physical, social and cognitive growth of all students.

It allows for the expression of emotion and imagination, the intellect and the exploration of values. Music fosters an understanding of continuity and change, and of the connections between different times and cultures. The nature of musical study also allows students to develop their capacity to manage their own learning, engage in problem-solving, work collaboratively and engage in activity that reflects the real world practice of performers, composers and audiences. The study of music fosters knowledge, understanding and skills that contribute to lifelong processes of learning and to the appreciation and enjoyment of music.

Music provides the young men of St  Edward’s College with the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes within a broad musical context and to emerge as musically sensitive and capable individuals with the capacity and desire for music to play a significant and continually developing role in their lives. The courses provide students with opportunities to engage in a range of musical styles, and for many, it will serve as a pathway for further training and employment in the music industry or in contemporary music fields.

At an individual level, music is a medium of personal expression. It enables the sharing of ideas, feelings and experiences. The knowledge, understanding and skills developed provide a foundation for a wide range of study pathways beyond school and also have applications in a number of vocational areas.


Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

  • Music Years 7 and 8 (Mandatory course)
  • Music  Years 9 and 10 (Elective course)
  • Music Years 11 and 12 (Preliminary and HSC courses)


St Edward’s music department has two large classrooms each equipped with 26 computers, a percussion, drum room and facilities for live recording.  A third classroom set up for performances is utilised by Years 11 and 12 Music students and is the performance space for the HSC practical examinations. All classrooms are outfitted with modern audio/visual equipment and a fully functioning stage/performance space with mixing desk, microphones and speakers.

We have a 200 capacity seating Shanahan Theatre complete with industry standard audio visual and lighting equipment as well as the multipurpose ERC in which larger performances take place.

Guitars, both acoustic and electric; ukuleles; keyboards; bass and percussion; electric and acoustic are also in each classroom for students to complete independent solo work or work with their ensembles. Brass and woodwind instruments are also available.

In addition to the classrooms there are six practice/rehearsal rooms for students to hone their skills during elective practical lessons and available for use during lunchtimes.

Software includes: Musescore, Finale,  Acid 7,  Adobe Audition,  Audacity,  Auralia and Musition. Students use this software in the creative process of composition and listening and recording their work.

Private Tuition

St Edward’s is very pleased to be able to offer private music tuition at school on allocated days. Music students are able to access this program run by Coast Academy of Music. Primary instrument tuition of guitar, bass and drums currently runs and, dependent on demand, keyboard and vocal lessons may be added to the list of instrumental tuition. Senior Elective Music students are given priority for before school and lunchtime lessons, whilst Junior students are able to come out of regular timetabled classes for their 30 minute lessons throughout the day. Please contact the Music department for further details and application forms.

Concert Band

The combined St Edward’s and St Joseph’s concert band meets weekly under the tutorage of Phillip Rutherford from Central Coast Conservatorium. The repertoire is modern, engaging and suited to the varying degrees of ability of students. It is an excellent extra curricula activity that sees our students meet with St Joseph’s concert band students once a week at lunchtime to rehearse. New members are always welcome . Please contact Mrs Rankin in the Music staffroom for more details .


There are many performance opportunities for students at St Edward’s where they can develop their skills in a supportive and nurturing environment. The College enjoys a rich engagement with the performing arts through music, serving as a means of celebration and creativity across a number of embedded events in the College calendar. From small, intimate performance events in the classroom and cohort performance evenings, to large scale concerts and productions and celebratory liturgies – there are many opportunities for students to showcase their talents and develop their performance techniques in front of an appreciative audience.


In Drama, students learn about themselves and others by creating characters and situations. Drama provides a powerful means of exploring the way people react and respond to different situations, issues and ideas.

Drama provides a particular valuable means of increasing self-confidence and social awareness. Students are involved physically, emotionally and intellectually – they learn through doing.

Drama is a cooperative process through which students develop their ability to share and communicate. Drama helps students learn about emotions, problem solving and relating to others. Students develop their imagination and self-confidence.

The study of Drama is valuable for secondary students because it is an important form of expression and communication in almost every known culture, including those that make up Australian society. Drama is a subject, in which all pupils can, need and should participate. Students who have participated in Drama not only enjoy it, but also openly admit to being more confident with their communication and interpersonal skills and have a greater cultural appreciation and understanding. Members of the department aim to give students a wide variety of experiences and skills of this nature.


Drama is an Elective subject for Years 9, 10 ,11 and 12.

Stage 4 students are introduced to Drama through Immersive Drama Incursions and in both their English and Music lessons.

A lunchtime Drama club for junior students is also available for students to experience junior drama in a fun and supportive environment.

Skills such as working collaboratively, applying creativity, critical thinking and problem solving are all developed in Drama and are valuable assets for any career path student’s may wish to pursue.


The College is equipped with a purpose built Drama teaching and learning space which includes a lighting desk, audio visual equipment, stage curtains, a prop room, backstage access to the Theatre and plenty of space to develop dramatic skills . A 200 seat Theatre and the multipurpose ERC also provide a range of excellent spaces for large productions.


Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Drama is not offered in Stage 4
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