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The word ‘science’ derives from the Latin term ‘sciential’ meaning knowledge. Hence, the Science Faculty aims to develop in students a body of knowledge of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment: the world of science and technology.

The aim of the Science syllabi is to develop students’:

  • Interest in and enthusiasm for science, as well as an appreciation of its role in finding solutions to contemporary science-related problems and issues
  • Knowledge and understanding of the nature and practice of scientific inquiry, and skills in applying the processes of Working Scientifically
  • Scientific knowledge of and about phenomena within the natural world and the application of their understanding to new situations and events
  • Appreciation of the development and dynamic nature of scientific knowledge, its influence in improving understanding of the natural world and the contribution of evidence-based decisions in informing societies’ use of science and technology.

In Years 7-10, this is achieved through a combination of teaching methodologies focussed on being student centric, building capacity to work individually and as part of group, to develop critical thinking skills and creativity in designing and carrying out practical investigations. In tandem to this, students are offered many opportunities to experience science beyond the confines of the classroom with excursions and incursions to a variety of locations, which has  included Taronga Zoo, Science and Engineering Competitions, Bridge Building Competitions, combined Science/HSIE Gifted and Talented camp, visits by the Surfing Scientist and other active scientists through the CSIRO Scientists in Schools programme,  ICAS Science competition, Sydney University Science Alliance and a myriad of other opportunities throughout the years.

In Years 11 and 12, Science is an elective, with the College offering Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Senior Science. The study of these subjects will equip students with a range of competencies which will prepare students for further study in the various disciplines of Science and related areas.

Opportunities in Years 11 and 12 include excursions to ANSTO, Australia’s nuclear science facility, ORICA in Newcastle, The Australian Museum, Sydney University, Royal Botanical Gardens, University of NSW Disease Museum, mangrove and rock-shelf ecosystems, as well as guest lecturers from a variety of fields of science.

Through the study of Science, we aim to enable students to make informed choices and responsible decisions as individuals and as part of the community.


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Stage 6

  • Science Year 7
  • Science Year 8
  • Science Year 9
  • Science Year 10
  • Year 11 Biology (Preliminary)
  • Year 11 Chemistry (Preliminary)
  • Year 11 Physics (Preliminary)
  • Year 11 Senior Science (Preliminary)
  • Year 11 Biology (HSC)
  • Year 12 Physics (HSC)
  • Year 12 Senior Science (HSC)