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Founder’s Day Celebration
On Founder’s Day each year we come together to celebrate our College, our Founder Edmund Rice, and to deepen our sense of community and service to others.

Edmund Rice is the example we look to in learning about standing with the poor, being ‘other’ centred and generally about being a good human person; letting our humanity shine to promote and increase the dignity and respect we afford our fellow men and women. Throughout the day as a College we raised funds for those who are marginalised or disadvantaged within our community AND built a stronger sense of belonging with one another. The gold coin donations again contributed to our support and our sponsorship of the education of Fredrick Were in Kenya.

This year is a special year within the history of St Edward’s, as it marks the 70th Anniversary of the College. Being such a significant year, the 70th Anniversary was the focus of Founder’s Day in 2023 and the students were asked to celebrate the College in their own unique way.

To do this, students worked in their Home Rooms to create, practice or be involved in something that celebrated the 70 years of St Edward’s College. From writing letters to Fredrick or building closer community relationships by throwing sponges at teachers, multiple aspects of who we are as a College were on display.

Stairs Sprint – Results

The Stairs Sprint run during Founders Day produced great competition and many fast times. Many students from all year groups attempted the Stair Sprint challenge. Some students had many attempts to try and improve their time. The following times were the best on the day.

Congratulations to Miki Szczytnicki in Year 7 with  a time of 4.19 seconds and Blake Downs in Year 12 with a time of 4.01 seconds, who set the fastest times ever for their Year groups since records began in 2014.

  • Year 7 – Miki Szczytnicki:  4.19 seconds
  • Year 8 – Cruz Tucker:  4.50 seconds
  • Year 9 – Jayden Moggs: 4.32 seconds
  • Year 10 – Jesse Mantel: 4.37 seconds
  • Year 11 – Arky Cleverly: 3.80 seconds
  • Year 12 – Blake Downs: 4.01 seconds


Images From the Day


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