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The North Challenge
St Edward’s and St Joseph’s collaborate to win the North Challenge!

Congratulations to the St Edward’s/St Joseph’s team for their triumphant collaboration in winning the North Challenge! After three months of meticulous planning and dedicated efforts to address the issue of Housing Affordability on the Central Coast, they emerged as victors, against other Central Coast schools in the competition.

The team actively participated in six workshops alongside executives from North Construction, gaining insights into the company’s operations and procedures. This experience proved invaluable in shaping their own company, which was founded to address the specific problem. Their solution involved the development of affordable, efficient, and sustainable 3D-printed homes for lower-income families.

Their comprehensive proposal encompassed various aspects, including their vision, objectives, company values, expectations, SWOT analysis, SMART goals, GANTT chart, Milestones chart, company direction, organizational structure, elements of workplace culture, employee satisfaction plan, target customer identification, investment and cost estimates, rental solutions, loan and sponsor estimates, feasibility study, 3D-printed house design and associated costs, as well as career opportunities within their business.

In addition to this strategic planning, the team also established a web presence, designed business cards, and successfully produced a handheld 3D-printed house, all according to their specifications.