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Careers and Vocational Education
Research suggests that the average 15-year-old is predicted, throughout their life time to have 17 jobs over 5 different careers and that employers are paying higher salaries for people with Enterprising skills coupled with relevant technical skills.

Enterprising skills are: Problem solving, communication, financial literacy, critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, digital literacy and presentation skills. Enterprising skills are transferable from one job to another and crucial to navigating jobs and different careers.

To assist students’, prepare for this new work order, St Edward’s College has a full-time Careers Adviser and Vocation Education Coordinator working in career education. Careers Education is across curriculums and all year groups.  Career activities at St Edward’s include, interest and strengths quizzes, occupational research, resume and interview preparation, presentations, one on one careers guidance, University open days, Careers Expos, Vocational courses, work experience/placement, parent information evenings, TAFE Try a Skill and online career resources and guest speakers.

At St Edward’s we believe that we equip students with the necessary skills to be able to plan and initiate their career pathway, whether it be going to University, TAFE, College, gaining an apprenticeship/traineeship or entering employment.