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Year 8 Camp Adventures
The students were well-behaved, and the activities were demanding, a testament to the fact that the boys went to sleep on both nights tired yet satisfied.

Food was abundant; there were seconds and thirds available for those with an appetite. Activities available to the students included surfing, beach sports, kayaking, mega paddling, archery tag, bush walks, and initiatives. For dinner each night, the group was divided into two: one group had hamburgers cooked for them, while the other group cooked their own meals, and Trangia’s Spaghetti Bolognese was on the menu. Groups of three and four students worked together under the direction of their camp instructors. The following night, the groups swapped; we have some budding young chefs among our Year 8 students.

The highlight of the camp, however, had to be the intergroup volleyball competition held on the last day, with groups 7 and 13 competing in the final. Group 7 won the final with a score of 21 points to 19, becoming the inaugural champions of the St Edward’s Killalea State Park Volleyball Championships.