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College Mural
We are very excited to announce another College first this year.

St Edward’s College has been fortunate enough to have their first College Mural designed and painted by Local Aboriginal Artists Grant Molony, Russ Molony and Jason Goulding. In consultation with the artists, our Aboriginal students, local community and Elders on the Central Coast, it was decided that local animals that are present on the Coast and ones that have significance within local Aboriginal culture would be included in the mural. These include a Sea Eagle, Kookaburra, Stingray, Sea Turtle and Eel. The four house colours have been incorporated into the artwork and into the future, four of the animals will be aligned with a house to become their totem. The artwork took place over four days and we thank the community of St Edward’s for being respectful of the site during this time. Grant said many classes came down to watch them work and they had several discussions with students and staff throughout the process.

From the Artists:

In our Aboriginal culture we have three families. Our immediate family, our community and mother herself, the natural environment.

These are the foundations of connection, inclusion and ownership. Represented through three clear realms of land, sky and sea.

The interwoven connection of sky, land and sea. Spoken through the amazing natural world on our doorstep.

The land will be warm and caring.

The sky is breath and stillness.

The sea calming and cooling.

Our work speaks of a journey readable both ways. A travel story of learning and growth both intriguing and inspiring coming from either sky or sea.

Uplifting with an underlying voice of strength and respect.


Thank you Grant, Russ and Jason for all your hard work and for opening Reconciliation Week with this beautiful legacy.