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Founder’s Day Mass
The College Founder’s Day Mass at St Edward’s once again stood out as a special and truly memorable occasion, emblematic of the strong bonds within the College community.

The event was graced by numerous distinguished guests, each with a connection to the College spanning many years. It was heartening to witness the presence of former Christian Brothers, Principals, and esteemed members of the EREA community, all coming together to honour the College’s legacy.

Throughout the ceremony, the students exemplified reverence, respect, and a deep sense of prayerfulness, reflecting the values instilled within them by the College. Under the guidance of Father Vince Casey, who presided over the Mass, the atmosphere was one of solemnity and spiritual significance.

A special commendation is owed to the talented musicians, comprising both staff and students, whose performances enriched the Mass with their melodic renditions. The band, meticulously prepared by Mrs Rankin and Mr Toole, showcased their dedication and skill, enhancing the overall ambiance of the ceremony with their harmonious contributions.

Heartfelt appreciation extends to all who played a part in this magnificent community celebration. Their collective efforts and commitment have undoubtedly contributed to making this Founder’s Day Mass a cherished and memorable event for all who attended.

Mr Beacroft
Director of Mission and Identity