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Academic Awards Assembly
The College Community celebrated our students' hard work and dedication to their studies at the Annual Academic Awards Assembly on Wednesday 12 December. To receive an award at the end of year assembly, students need to have received nominations from their teachers across the entire year (Semester 1 and Semester 2). Each Semester all teachers nominate students in their classes who they believe have performed consistently or academically well. The students receiving an 'A' in their courses will automatically receive an Academic nomination. Congratulations to all students who received awards at the Assembly. 2018 Annual Award Night - PowerPoint Presentation   [smallgallery fooid="15998"]  
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Sports Awards Assembly
The annual Sports Awards assembly was held on Friday 7 December. The assembly is an opportunity to celebrate our students' success in the sporting arena for 2018.  Our Junior Sportsperson and the Sportsperson of the Year were also announced, congratulations to: Benjamin Dufficy - Junior Sportsperson of the Year Callum Sutton - Sportsperson of the Year Congratulations to all students who received awards. Sports Award Recipient   [smallgallery fooid="15861"]   The College Swimming Carnival [embed][/embed]   The College Athletics Carnival [embed][/embed]  
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2019 Annual Swimming Carnival
Annual College Swimming Carnival As advertised in the annual calendar, we will be conducting our swimming carnival on Friday 8 February at Peninsula Leisure Centre, Woy Woy.  The following are some important practical details regarding the carnival. Transport Normal school buses will run in the morning / afternoon and students will catch a bus from the College to the pool and back again in the afternoon. Other students may make their own way to the carnival if appropriate. All boys making their own way to the carnival need to be at the pool by 8.45am, unless they are competing in the 200m events (see next point). Any student competing in 200m events need to be at the pool by 8.30 am at the very latest. Buses will not be at the pool by 8.30 am so these students will need to make their own transport arrangements. All students requiring afternoon bus transport will return by bus to the College and catch the afternoon school buses under supervision as normal. Uniform For identification purposes, it is imperative that all students in Years 7 – 10 attend the carnival in their College sports uniform as they would do on a normal Friday.  They can change into their colour house clothes at the pool.  Only Years 11 and 12 are allowed to wear mufti/casual clothing. General Directions As maximum participation is the aim of the day, points will be allocated for every student entering an event. Any boy who attends the carnival is required to participate by: Swimming in all events appropriate to his ability level; Assisting teaching staff in conducting the carnival in some capacity ie: official duties; For supervision purposes when boys are not in races, they are to remain in the stands grouped according to their age divisions. Only the Years 10,11 and 12 will be permitted to gather on the grassed area. Boys need to be equally prepared for cool or warmer weather and bring appropriate sun protection ie sunscreen, as the marshalling area is outdoors. Limited canteen facilities will be available – boys are encouraged to bring their own food & drink for the day. It is imperative that students do not bring large sums of money or valuable audio equipment such as iPods etc. In these situations, it is impossible for the College to take responsibility for items that may go missing. As the carnival is held indoors, it will be held even in the event of obvious inclement weather. Boys who live locally or who are being picked up by their parents can leave to go home directly from the pool at the conclusion of the carnival, which should be at 2.30 pm. No boy will be permitted to leave the pool precinct prior to the conclusion of the carnival, as rolls need to be marked and the usual important formalities carried out.  I particularly ask that we have parental co-operation in this matter. Parents, carers and relatives are more than welcome to attend on the day however it is recommended you bring your own chair as seating is at a premium. The College Prefects and Leaders will be required at the pool early in the day to assist with carnival set up and again at the end of the day to assist with packing up of the carnival. The co-operation of boys and their families with these guidelines will ensure that it is an enjoyable day for all in attendance. Mr Mark Bonnici College Principal
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28.11.18 Parent Connection
Holiday Information
Important dates and information for the Christmas holiday period including uniform shop, stationery and back to school dates. Stationery Requirements for 2019 For stationery lists please click the link below: [embed][/embed]   Uniform Shop Holiday Information   Return to School 2019 For return to school dates, please click the link below: Date Thursday 31 January 2019   Friday 1 February 2019 Year Group Term 1 Commences for Years 7, 11 and 12 (and new students in Years 8, 9 and 10 until Recess) Term 1 Commences for Years 8, 9 and 10 (Day 1 timetable, no sport)   Enrolment Information or Students Leaving the College For enrolment information or students who need to inform the College they will not be returning, please contact Mr Chris Miller, College Registrar on 0412327142 or via email   Pastoral Care For any Pastoral Care enquiries please contact Mr Paul English on  
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23.11.18 Curriculum
NAPLAN Exceptional Growth Awards
NAPLAN, provides the school with value information about each individual student. NAPLAN outcomes also inform teachers on how to best structure lessons for the needs of each student. The unique advantage that NAPLAN has over other assessments is the ability to track a student over many years and from one school to another. It is with this in mind that we can analyse the data and see real growth for individual students. ACARA, the national body who prepares the examinations and report the results to families and schools, also provide data on growth for each student, and at the Exceptional Growth Assembly, we celebrated those students who achieved exceptional growth in NAPLAN this year. Year 7 Exceptional Growth Award Recipients   Year 9 Exceptional Growth Award Recipients   [smallgallery fooid="15597"]
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12.11.18 Mission & Identity
Tutor Christmas Appeal
Parents are asked to support our annual St Edward’s Christmas Appeal by encouraging their sons to contribute to the Christmas hampers, which are organized by tutor groups. Our school community is hoping to create over 100 Christmas hamper baskets, for local disadvantaged people, the hampers will be distributed by: Coast Shelter St Vincent de Paul The Raintree Retreat Kincumber Each tutor is asked to aim for at least two Christmas hampers. Suggestions are: Year 7 - tinned food (ham, turkey, vegetables) Year 8 - tinned food (ham, turkey, vegetables) Year 9 - packets of chips, nuts, crackers Year 10 - soft drinks, juice, napkins Year 11 - bon bons, dips (eg salsa), chocolate Other food items are welcome but please keep in mind that we are trying to create enough for a family to share a Christmas meal, rather than just snacks. Please contact Mr Pat Dell on 4321 6439 if you have any further questions.
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09.11.18 Mission & Identity
'There's forty bottles just here!' That was the call from St Edward's College students as they nervously ventured into the thick mangroves in Erina Creek. From the barge, the area looked clean in Erina Creek, but a chance look uncovered masses of polystyrene, plastic bottles, plastic pieces and cans, 15 m  inside the mangroves. The students 'crawled' on hands and knees, to reach the litter, and it just kept coming. Only 60 m was cleaned in the high tidal water, yet 25 very full bags came out of this small section of mangroves. Many heavier items (bottles) remained unseen under the water. Just further upstream, behind the baseball field, a known dump site again produced plenty of litter, plus a car tyre and galvanised iron. Earlier the boys cleaned the mangroves adjacent to their main oval, only a bag removed here, mostly from the open drains running into Caroline Bay either side of the school. Erina Bay was also checked, a 'BBQ Boat' was removed by Simon from the mangroves, Maritime was contacted and met our group on our return trip. Erina Bay had small amounts of litter, mainly on the tidal marks, plenty of food wrapping and plastic pieces. Thirty very full bags, plus the steel, was loaded onto the Clean4shore trailer and delivered to the tip. Statistics on the sampled bags revealed a total of 650 plastic bottles, 1180 pieces of plastic, 530 pieces of polystyrene and 740 pieces of food wrapping. Well done boys and thank you to Jono from Clean4Shore.   [smallgallery fooid="15467"]
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07.11.18 Curriculum
Year 10 Camp
The Year 10 camp was an amazing experience for the boys who challenged themselves in activities that were outside their comfort zone. The weather was incredible for the whole week, with sunshine and mostly blue skies. It was still cold in the morning and night, especially in the carpark at Charlottes Pass before the hike. The landscape for the hike was a colourful mix of snow, blue lakes and alpine flora. The hike was a challenging 16 km where the boys where driven to Charlottes Pass and then walked to Guthega. The hike included a river crossing requiring them to take off their shoes and socks. The boys also abseiled, rode (and crashed) mountain bikes, camped in tents, camped under tarps and swam in Jindabyne Lake whist raft building. Most importantly though, they tackled everything that was thrown at them with good humour and tenacity. The boys' behaviour was fantastic, and the staff and instructors were full of praise for the way they approached the camp. I believe the challenges of camp show a person’s true character and if this holds true, this group are going to be amazing young men in Years 11-12. Thanks boys for a great week. Mr Beattie Year 10 Coordinator   [smallgallery fooid="15292"]
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Year 7 to 10, Semester 2 Examination Timetable
Year 7 to 10, Semester 2 Examinations commence Monday 12 November 2018. Please see timetable below, students also have access to their own timetable via the College Portal. Yr 7-10 Exam Schedule Semester 2 -  2018  
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30.10.18 Parent Connection
Catch-up Immunisation Clinics
Information from School Immunisation Clinics, Central Coast Area Health The School Immunisation team are offering the following dates and locations for Catch-Up Immunisation Clinics for students who were absent or unable to be vaccinated on the dates we attended your school. There is no need to book, parents can just attend with their child who is due for a catch-up vaccination. Dates and Venues: 9th November 2018 - 3:00pm to 5.00pm at Erina Community Health Centre - 169 The Entrance Road, ERINA, NSW, 2250 15th November 2018 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm at Erina Community Health Centre - 169 The Entrance Road, ERINA, NSW, 2250 21st November 2018 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm at Long Jetty Community Health Centre - 64 Wyong Road, KILLARNEY VALE, NSW, 2261 22nd November 2018 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm at Lake Haven Community Health Centre -3 Stratford Avenue, LAKEHAVEN, NSW, 2263 Any queries from parents regarding catch-up of missed vaccinations can be directed to the Public Health Unit on 4320 9730.
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25.09.18 Curriculum
Year 9 Camp
The Great Aussie Bush Camp kept our Year 9 students entertained and quite busy. The boys experienced an overnight bivouac which involved a hike to the site and a canoe trip on Myall Lakes back to camp. On site the students experienced the Giant Swing, Team Challenge, Leap of Faith and the Vertical Challenge. Participation on the part of the boys was excellent, they supported and encouraged each other and their behaviour was exemplary. They worked as a team, they challenged each other and themselves. They were well fed and the experience helped take many of the students out of their comfort zone. I would very much like to thank the staff who accompanied and supported me and your sons on camp. Their time and effort is greatly appreciated. Mr Speziale Year 9 Coordinator [smallgallery fooid="14313"]  
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24.09.18 Curriculum
Reading Hour
On Thursday 20 September, the Shanahan Learning Centre hosted ‘Reading Hour’ for students and staff. Everyone was encouraged to bring their classes to the library (or participate in their own classes) and read for pleasure for a full lesson. The library staff also organized competitions such as book in a jar, lucky door prizes and staff’s favourite book guessing competition. A huge thank you to all the students and staff who took part. With over 200 books checked out, it’s clear we have some keen readers in the school. A big congratulations to Ms Connor and Mr Sullivan who won the teachers lucky door prizes – ironically Mr Sullivan won the same book he was reading. Also, a massive thank you to Ms Hatfield-Smith who took her Year 12 Advanced English class to read to other students. Provided are a few quick facts that reinforce why reading is so important for our students: Reading reduces stress by 68%, relieving stress more quickly than listening to music, going for a walk or having a cup of tea Children who know adults who read for pleasure take it for granted that reading is valuable The more leisure books people read, the more literate they become and the more prosperous and equitable the society they inhabit Reading a gripping novel causes positive biological changes in the brain that can last for days Increasing literacy and numeracy skills has a positive and significant effect on gaining employment [smallgallery fooid="14255"]
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24.09.18 Parent Connection
School Bus Service – Timetable Change
In conjunction with the new train timetable, which commences 30 September 2018, Red Bus Service and Busways have made changes to some routes and times. Parents and students are encouraged to view the PDF/link below for changes. St Edwards College Red Bus Service Timetable - Effective 30 September 2018   Click here for the link to Busways Timetable Information - Effective 30 September 2018  
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20.09.18 Parent Connection
Parenting Ideas – Viewing Your Child’s Report
Teenagers take their cues from the respected adults in their lives, so how parents see their children’s reports affects how they see themselves as learners. Click Here to View Video
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17.09.18 Curriculum
2018 HSC Examination Timetable
The 2018 HSC Examinations commence Thursday 18 October 2018 Year 12 students can view their personal examination timetable on the Student Portal or obtain a personal timetable from 2018 NESA HSC Written Examination Timetable    
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06.09.18 Mission & Identity
Prefect Investiture Mass
During a solemn and beautiful mass presided over by Father Timothy, the College welcomed the prefect body for 2018-19. Their badges were blessed and pinned on their blazer by one of their parents and at the conclusion of mass the 2019 College Captain and Vice Captains were announced.  Congratulations to: Rory Mackintosh - Captain Dale Barrett - Vice Captain Lukas Kalos - Vice Captain Daniel Baez-Cornejo - Prefect Zachary Boyce - Prefect Luke Brien - Prefect Jack Conroy - Prefect Millar Elwin - Prefect Nathanial Hobson - Prefect Tyrone Mafohla - Prefect Brent Mayol - Prefect Timothy McGill - Prefect Zachary Paterson - Prefect Lachlan Smith - Prefect Joshua Toohey - Prefect Alexander Waite - Prefect   During this moving ceremony, the students and staff performed various hymns, which provided a beautiful atmosphere. Thanks to Mr Droz and Mr Toole for preparing the music. These items were outstanding and displayed the many hours of hard work that went into the preparation of the songs. A big thank you to all who contributed to this wonderful community celebration. Mr Beacroft Mission and Identity Coordinator   [smallgallery fooid="14068"] [embed][/embed]  
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03.09.18 Curriculum
Year 11 Preliminary Final Examinations
Year 11 Preliminary Final Examinations commence Monday 17 September. Please see the timetable below Yr 11 Examination Schedule 2018  
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03.09.18 Mission & Identity
Founders Day 2018
Founders Day was celebrated on 31 August 2018 and was attended and enjoyed by staff and students. The aim of the day and the lead-up was to honour the EREA Touchstones of Justice and Solidarity and Inclusive Community. Thank you for the support and donations made by students, parents, local businesses and community groups. Contributors The Norman Family Nutrition Fix Bridge Mower and Chainsaw Centre Kincumber Sand and Soil Mingara Recreation Club Tree Tops Central Coast Clip and Climb Central Coast Avoca Beach Picture Theatre John Ralph Camera House Billabong Patisserie The Judd Family Monties Ashore Zibara Clothing Fat Goose Cafe Gosford Sailing Club Coastal Beverages Bunnings West Gosford Over $20,000 was raised to assist our Edmund Rice ministries in Australia and abroad, to support disadvantaged people. Some of the activities on the day were: Minute to Win It Hammer the Nail Cake Stall Handball Competition Stair Sprint Ultimate Frisbee Eddies Gift Sprint Casino Games Bean Machiine Musicians Films Table Tennis Icecream Parlour Lolly Shop Goal Kicking Golf Chipping Tutor Dodgeball Final EREBB Display Board Games Video Games Sticky Wall Gladiator Duel Raffle BBQ Lunch Results Tutor Dodgeball - won by TD69 Eddies Gift Sprint - 1st Ethan Short, 2nd Cameron Steer, 3rd Will Hamilton, 4th Sam Norris Handball - Max Burns and Owen Bradstreet Hammer the Nail - Billy Attenborough (Yr 7), Lachlan Derwin (Yr 8), Egan Verheyen (Yr 9), John Schepis (Yr 10), Lachlan Hanna (Yr 11), Cameron Hood (Yr 12) Bucket Head - Anthony Sparacino with 27 ping pong balls in the bucket Pass the Footy - Noah Ajala with 8 bullseyes Stair Sprint - Artemi Lomis (4.44 sec Yr 7), Zane Kirkman (4.03 sec Yr 8), Mathew Kuech (4.22 sec Yr 9), Jay LeMesurier (3.96 sec Yr 10), Ryan Birch (3.59 sec Yr 11), Kyle Lang (4.46 sec Yr 12)   [smallgallery fooid="13522"]
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21.08.18 Curriculum
Lucy Wicks visits the TAS and Visual Arts Projects
Lucy Wicks visits the TAS and Visual Arts Projects Being a Member for Parliament allows for a very busy schedule, however, Robertson MP Lucy Wicks took time out to visit the senior St Edward's students and look over their HSC TAS and Visual Arts projects. Students were able to chat with Lucy about their concepts and art making practice, as well as their timber projects and methods of creation. It was wonderful to hear their conversations around prominent topics that effect the youth of today and how those topics have been portrayed in their artworks. The boys were able to communicate with Lucy about their hopes and dreams for Tertiary education and the career paths they have chosen to pursue. [smallgallery fooid="13229"]   [smallgallery fooid="13270"]
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21.08.18 Parent Connection
Invitation to Dr John Irvine Seminar
Parents and carers of St Edward's College students, have been kindly invited by the Broken Bay Catholic School Parents Association to attend the Dr John Irvine Seminar 'Cultivating Inner Strength within our Children' See flyer below for more information, bookings are essential. Book your seat here  
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13.08.18 Mission & Identity
Founders Day
Founders Day St Edward’s maintains a strong commitment to the promotion of Justice and Solidarity. On Founders Day, we come together as a community in celebration of our dedication to this Touchstone. The event is scheduled this year for Friday 31 August and our aim is to build community spirit and inclusivity at St Edward’s. It is anticipated that we will raise $20,000 that will be allocated to support the Mary Rice Centre for disabled children in Nairobi Kenya, St Edmund’s Wahroonga, St Joesph’s Primary School in Walgett and Edmund Rice Camps. The College has a rich twenty-year tradition of celebrating this event on the calendar and we ask for the support of our whole school community in donating $20 per student in the lead up to the day.  This money is being collected at student reception. Students are permitted to attend the day in casual clothing and boys may dress up if they like. Students will be provided with a BBQ lunch and drink on the day and entry into a raffle where over one hundred prizes including a television, mobile phones, sports equipment and many others that have been donated. The St Edward’s staff are working hard to provide a range of fun activities on the day, including rides, oval/outdoor activities, computer games, ice cream/lollies/cake stalls (boys will need some extra money for these) and over twenty fun activities. Attendance on the day is compulsory and the boys in Years 8-11 receive two hours towards their Waterford Project, once they have contributed their $20 donation and attend on the day. Wear a Hood On Founders day Ms Toomey and students from EREBB will be promoting 'Wear a Hood for the Earth's Common Good'.  Students are encouraged to wear a hoodie and take the pledge, see below: Wear a Hood for the Earth's common good I pledge that I will have confidence in myself, That I will credit myself on success I will try my personal best, I will accept other people’s cultures and their beliefs, I will care for the earth and its environments by treating it with the respect it deserves, That when I wear my hood I will stand for the earth’s common good.  
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08.08.18 Curriculum
Parent/Teacher Interviews Login Information
Parent/Teacher Interviews for Term 3 will be held on two evenings, Tuesday 28 August  (Week 6) and Thursday 6th September (Week 7).   Parent/Teacher Interviews for Term 3 will be held on two evenings, Tuesday 28th August  (Week 6) and Thursday 6th September (Week 7). These two evenings will be for all year groups and will be a good opportunity for parents and staff to meet and discuss the progress of students.  It will also be a good opportunity for parents of Year 12 students to discuss the Trial HSC examination results and the lead up to the HSC exams, and for parents of Year 11 students to discuss the upcoming Preliminary HSC exam period that will take place in the last two weeks of Term 3. Parents will be able to book appointments for either of the evenings that suit.  Please note that interviews on Tuesday 28th August will commence at 3:30 pm and conclude at 8:30 pm with a staggered dinner break for staff during the evening.  Interviews on Thursday 6th September will commence at 3:30 pm and will conclude at 6:30 pm.  All interviews will be of five (5) minutes duration. The Parent/Teacher interview bookings are managed with an internet-based booking system called Parent Teacher On-Line (PTO). It will save time for parents, staff and students.  Using this system you will be able to book the interview times that suit you best. Access to the system will be available from Sunday 19th August at 7.00 pm and will be closed off for bookings the day before interviews. Please follow these steps to access the system: Click here go to the PTO website Click on “Obtain PIN/Password” (you will need to supply your email address) Enter your email address and click on "Send Email" Check your email in-box for your login details or click on the link in the email Go back to the PTO website, login with the details supplied via email Follow the online instructions to complete the bookings. Please note that in Step 1 of the booking process you will need to select the start date and time by scrolling through the drop-down menu until you reach your desired start time. For additional information please click on the link below Additional Information | pdf   If you encounter any problems using PTO please contact the school office on 4321 6400.
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30.07.18 Curriculum
HSC Senior Projects Visual Art, Photography and TAS Display
Save the date HSC Senior Projects from Visual Arts, Photography and TAS will be on display in the College Library on 16 August 2018, between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm.  All welcome to attend and see the outstanding work of our very talented Year 12 students.
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27.07.18 Curriculum
Academic Assemblies – Semester One
Congratulations to all students who received an award at the Academic Award Assemblies. On Thursday July 26, the College community gathered with parents to celebrate the wonderful academic achievements of students in Years 7-12 at our annual Semester One Academic Assemblies. These assemblies provided the opportunity to acknowledge the many fine young men at St Edward’s who have set themselves learning goals for 2018 and worked hard in achieving these goals. Awards were presented in three categories -  Consistent Effort, Academic Achievement and Outstanding Academic Achievement. Students receiving the Consistent Effort award were identified by their teachers as displaying an ongoing commitment to their studies. Students who achieved an Academic Achievement Award were generally performing very well in each of their courses and students receiving an Outstanding Academic Achievement Award were the students who were nominated by their teachers as achieving the highest grades in most, if not all, of the subjects. Academic Award Recipients   [smallgallery fooid="12856"]
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03.07.18 Sport
Opens Rugby League NSWCCC Cup
Opens Rugby League – NSWCCC Cup Round 16 Game v Loyola Senior High School After winning our way through the NSWCCC Cup Sydney Gala Day at Smith Park, East Hills on Friday 11 May, the team moved into the Round of 16. The draw was finalised at the NSWCCC Selection Trials and we drew Loyola Senior High School, Mt Druitt. The team headed out for their warm-up to see a very big Loyola team already on the field. This set the tone for their preparation as the boys got ready for a bruising encounter, knowing full well they needed to be prepared to play tough. A very nervous energy surrounded our preparation. The plan from the outset was to move the bigger opposition around and take some out of their legs early. Our first set from the kick-off certainly relieved some of the nerves as the team went about moving the ball to our edges and the boys completed a very good set to finish tackling the opposition just off their try line. A couple of sets end to end followed as both teams got into the grind of the game. Some slick ball movement from the left edge saw Nick Armstrong dive short and momentum taking him over the line to score. A few mistakes in the sets from the kick-off saw Loyola score near the posts to lead 6-4. The team certainly realised that the big Loyola forwards would be right in the game if we gifted them possession in good field position. This seemed to trigger a reaction from the boys as some stiff defence in the ensuing set saw us rewarded with possession in good field position and from there the tries seemed to flow. Playing to our strengths, quick ball movement and speed of play lead to some fantastic tries. Leading 32-4 at half-time. Early in the second half a few handling mistakes crept in to both sides and the half was slow to start. On the back of some quick short side play, Boston Passeri finished off a great attacking raid to run away and score. Loyola rallied to score two late tries, with the eventual score line a win to St Edward’s 42-16. The team now progresses to the NSWCCC Cup Gala Day at St Mary’s on Wednesday 29 August. [smallgallery fooid="12643"]
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02.07.18 Parent Connection
2018 Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholarship
In 2017 Lachlan Smith, currently in Year 11, was successful in being awarded the 2018 Premier's Anzac Memorial Scholarship. Together with Mr Greg Hannelly and 19 other scholarship recipients, Lachlan will take part in a 13 day tour of the significant Australian battlefields of Ypres, Passchendaele, the Somme and Flanders in Belgium for the centenary of the Battle of Hamel.       Follow Lachlan's travels via his Facebook page Lachlan's Anzac Trip  
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29.06.18 Curriculum
2018 HSC Trial Examination Timetable
The HSC Trial Examinations commence Monday 6 August and conclude Monday 20 August 2018 2018 HSC Trial Examination Timetable  
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18.06.18 Sport
College Athletics Carnival
Friday 15 June saw the running of the College Athletics Carnival at Adcock Park. A beautiful blue sky greeted staff and students on arrival and with it a blustery westerly wind that lowered the temperature quiet a bit. This was in direct contrast to the weather from the long weekend but the prevailing winds dried out the oval early in the week, just in time for our carnival. The carnival went ahead without issue and saw some fantastic individual achievements on the day. These included: Age Champions U12        Harley Dimech - Blue U13        Tyrone Dorrell - Green U14        Declan Richardson - Red U15        Cameron Steer - White U16        Sam Wilson - Red Opens    Luke Jacobs - Blue   Records Event New Record Holder House Time/Distance U12 100 m Leo Hong Green 13.77 sec U13 Relay Tyrone Dorrel, Bradley Plumber, Harris Milson, Noah Nakagawa Green 56.70 sec U14 Shot Put Parker Robinson Blue 13.00 m U15 100 m Cameron Steer White 11.33 sec U15 Long Jump Cameron Steer White 6.19 Opens Discus Callum Sutton Red 45.54 m   Champion House Spillane (Red) with 943 points Doolan (White) with 855 points Knights (Green) with 841 points Shanahan (Blue) with 776 points   A big thank you to the staff on the day for their assistance and involvement throughout the carnival. [smallgallery fooid="12420"]
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12.06.18 Mission & Identity
Students Complete the Sacramental Program
On Friday 8 June, 11 students from the College completed the sacramental program by receiving their remaining sacraments. In a beautiful ceremony presided over by The Most Reverend Bishop Peter Comensoli and Father Tadeusz, our students were received into the Church. With their parents and classmates present each candidate received a certificate to acknowledge the reception of the sacraments. Unfortunately another member of the group, William Browning was not able to receive the sacraments on this day but he will be completing them in the near future. Thanks to all who contributed to this wonderful celebration, especially Mrs Donnelly and Mrs Kirk who were instrumental in producing the Mass booklet. Thanks to Mrs Emmett and our talented choir for providing such prayerful and meaningful hymns throughout the service. The students who were altar servers had some extra duties with the Bishop present and they were outstanding in their role. Thanks also to those who set up the Church and all others who contributed to this significant event in the life of a Catholic school. Students in the Sacramental Program Year 7 Luke McHugh, Toby Kregting, Josh Mercer, Ryan Hughes, Bon Berger, Ethan Hayes, Attikus Ouradnik, Isaac Ryan Year 8 Fergus Clydesdale, Sebastian Maschek Year 10 Mitchell Stapleford A special thank you to Mitchell, who as the oldest member of the group was an exemplary role model. Mr Beacroft Mission and Identity Coordinator [smallgallery fooid="12178"]
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05.06.18 Sport
College Athletics Carnival Information
College Athletics Carnival Friday 15 June 2018 The College Athletics Carnival is on Friday 15 June at Adcock Park. Students wanting to run in the 1500 m event will need to make their own way there for an 8.30 am start. Students will move from event-to-event in their age groups. The program will include the 200 m races at 9.00 am once all staff and students have arrived and then field events from 9.30 am. Getting There Southern end of the Coast (Woy Woy, Umina & Kariong) buses will stop near McDonald’s West Gosford lights to drop those students off. Students will then be directed by staff to cross and then walk across to the oval. All other buses will come to school as normal. Students on those buses will then be required to walk across to Adcock Park. Staff will be stationed along the pathway to Adcock Park to direct you. Students are to take the most direct path and not cross to Hungry Jacks or the service stations to buy food and drinks. Students can also get their own way there. In the afternoon students return (walk back) to school to catch afternoon buses as normal. Parents can pick-up their sons from the oval at the completion of the carnival 2.15 pm. Roll Marking Rolls will be marked at the carnival On arrival at the carnival, students are to sit in their Age Group Area around the velodrome Rolls will be marked at your Age Group Area Uniform All students in Year 7-10 are required to wear Full Sports Uniform to and from the carnival Students in Year 11 and 12 may wear ‘appropriate mufti clothing’ Students are encouraged to bring clothing to support their house and compete in at the carnival Fingers crossed that the weather is kind to us. If weather prevents the carnival going ahead, a notification will be placed on the local radio stations as well as the College Facebook page and App around 7.00 am.  
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24.05.18 Curriculum
Years 7 to 10 Examination Timetable
Semester 1 Examinations for Years 7 to 10 commence Thursday 31 May 2018. Please see the timetable below. Years 7-10 Exam Schedule Sememster 1 2018    
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24.05.18 Parent Connection
Parenting Webinar – Understanding Anxiety
Understanding Anxiety:  How it impacts kids and the important role of parents. When a child experiences anxiety it can be really hard for parents to understand what’s happening and how best to respond. In this webinar,  Dr Jodi Richardson helps parents to recognise and understand anxiety, how it affects learning and happiness, and the practical steps to lessen its impact on your child and your family's quality of life. Listeners will also learn: the origins of anxiety signs and symptoms of anxiety practical strategies to help anxious kids the importance of validation when and where to seek help When Tuesday 5 June 2018,  7:30 pm – 8:30 pm Who is Speaking? This webinar will be hosted by Michael Grose with presenter Dr Jodi Richardson. Price This webinar is free of charge to the St Edward's College community. Parents need to register via the link below which will take them to the Parenting Ideas Online shop.  Add the webinar to your cart, then use the code:  WELLBEING to pay for the webinar. Understanding Anxiety Webinar  
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21.05.18 Mission & Identity
Year 12 Retreat
Year 12 Retreats at 'Winbourne' Mulgoa The retreats of 2018 will be remembered for the great enthusiasm and involvement of all students who attended. Year 12 were given the opportunity to participate in important spiritual experiences on their three day Retreat amid the peaceful and serene environment at the Mulgoa Retreat Centre. They didn’t waste this opportunity. Thanks to the staff from our College for their dedication to the Retreat program. Many staff from the College were instrumental in leading the boys through reflection, prayer, bushwalks and discussions about ‘Images of God’, ‘What it is to be a Man in the 21st Century’, ‘Goal Setting’, ‘The Importance of Communication’, and their future directions. The celebration liturgy organised by the students was very special as it is the last Retreat for this cohort. Parents and staff should be very proud of the input and maturity shown by Year 12. Our guest speakers for the retreat were Mr Damien Stockwell and Mrs Nicole Thomas. They both spoke brilliantly and the boys left with lots to think about. Their talks were informative and inspiring and were well received by the boys. I am confident that these quality experiences will have a lasting effect upon our boys in preparing them for the future. I have no doubt that in years to come, many boys will remember these few days as being very significant in their lives. I thank and congratulate all Year 12 for the quality of their involvement. The staff at Mulgoa were lavish in their praise of these fine young men from St Edward's. They could not speak highly enough of their positive attitude, friendliness, cooperation, courtesy, and willingness to enter completely into the spirit of the Retreat. A typical comment about the boys was, “I can’t get over how well rounded they are, probably because they have been exposed to a variety of social justice experiences.” This particular group is a great credit to their families and the College. A special thank you to Mr McCauley the Year 12 Coordinator, and Mrs Toomey our Religious Education Coordinator for all the great work they did during these important days of review and reflection. Mr A Beacroft Mission and Identity Coordinator [smallgallery fooid="11806"]  
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04.05.18 Mission & Identity
Founders Day Mass
The College Founders Day Mass was once again a special day for the St Edward's College Community. The students were reverent, respectful and prayerful throughout the ceremony. Mass was presided over by Father Paul the Parish Priest of Kincumber. Congratulations must go to all our brilliant musicians who performed at Mass.  Students in the band were from Years 9, 10 and 11 and were thoroughly prepared by Mr Toole and Mr Drozdzewski. Their performances added so much to the prayerful atmosphere of the mass. The tradition of recognising long serving staff continued at the conclusion of Mass. Fifteen staff received awards for their long years of service to the College. Thanks to all the parents and friends of the College who were able to attend on the day. A big thank you to all who contributed to this wonderful community celebration. [smallgallery fooid="11542"] [embed][/embed]  
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02.05.18 Parent Connection
Anzac Day 2018
Anzac Day 2018 was observed at the College on Tuesday 1 May 2018. Throughout the ceremony the boys were superbly respectful  - you literally could have heard a pin drop. Captain Adam Bing led the service faultlessly, with assistance from Vice-Captains Freddie Burraston and Patrick Rosee, who also laid the wreath. College Deputy Principal, Mr Jay Sutton and the French Coordinator, Mrs Patricia Papeix spoke of the importance of Anzac to themselves, and to all of us. We were blessed to have the support of the National Service 1951-72 Re-Enactment Unit, led by Captain David Myers. These gentlemen provided the military spit and polish that made the ceremony so special. In addition, the Town Crier for Central Coast Council, Mr Stephen Clarke, played the Last Post and the Rouse on the bugle. We thank them for their ongoing support. Special thanks must also go to Mrs Kylie Beynon for the beautiful handmade wreath, with support from Inbloom Florist, Erina Fair. [smallgallery fooid="11508"]
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03.04.18 Mission & Identity
Easter Liturgy
The tradition of sharing our Holy Thursday celebration with St Joseph’s College to remember the significance of Easter continued this year. Once again the ERC was packed with students, staff and parents from both Colleges. The highlight this year was the presence of the Year of Youth Cross which was a focus throughout the liturgy. We also thank Old Boy of the College Mr Matt French for his personal sharing which the students found interesting. This was a solemn ceremony of prayer, song, and drama. The Passion of Christ is followed by witnessing the Stations of the Cross. Year 10 students were outstanding in presenting the final days of Jesus. This year for the first time, the students from St Joseph’s performed a liturgical dance and it was excellent. The musicians on the day, under the guidance of music staff from both Colleges, produced brilliant performances and created a great atmosphere. Congratulations to all the students who prepared so thoroughly for this wonderful community event. A final thank you to all who contributed to the most important liturgical event on the Christian calendar especially Mrs Green who did such a wonderful job coordinating the liturgy.   [smallgallery fooid="11247"] [embed][/embed]      
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22.03.18 Sport
Year 7 and 8 Cross Country
This year the Cross Country was run and won on Friday 26 March. The weather was good to us and a bright blue sky was the back drop for a great event. The students competed with great enthusiasm and a very enjoyable atmosphere generated a fun filled afternoon. Again, the Year 11 Sport Coaching class organised and coordinated the event with the assistance of staff in and around the College at various checkpoints. A challenging 2.5km course awaited the students. The day is used as a selection trial for our Junior Cross Country team to contest the BBSSSA Cross Country (Friday 4 May - Week 1 Term 2). The Top Ten placegetters in each age group (Under 12-14) have been selected. Results on the day included: Place Under 12 House Under 13 House Under 14 House 1st Tahj Werner White Michael Holmes Green Gabe Scott White 2nd Keenan White Red Jayden Redfern White Ryan Green Red 3rd Ben Blunt Green Kieran Diamond Red Noah Hamilton Red Spillane (Red House) won the House Competition, continuing their great start to the year. They were followed by Doolan, Knights and Shanahan with valuable points going toward the House Cup for 2018. [smallgallery fooid="11050"]
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22.03.18 Sport
BBSSSA Swimming Carnival
It was an early morning start. The main goal; to bring home as many ribbons and medals as any one school could achieve. We did not disappoint. By the end of the carnival there were a number of individual wins (and a few losses). Among the highlights of the day were; the Eddies relay teams winning four out of the seven relays. Daniel McLoughlin won Under 14 Age Champion and Jacob Curcio won Under 16 Age Champion. At the completion of the BBSSSA Carnival, St Edward's won the Junior Boys and Intermediate Boys divisions as well as the overall carnival with a score of 386 followed by St Peters on 363. Thank you to all the boys in the swim team; you not only gave 100% in the water, but you were true representatives of the College. Thank you to those boys who helped with timing. And a big thank you to the mums and dads who came down to support not only their sons but the rest of the team as well. Squad Members Junior (12, 13 and 14 Years) Toby Armstrong Harley Dimech Nicholas Green Ryan Green Aymn Hamilton Kai Hodson Nathan Irvine Daniel McLoughlin Fletcher Moore Jayden Redfern Riley Seers Calan Tucker Tahj Werner Keenan White Intermediate (15 and 16 Years) Joel Barry Jacob Curcio Kyle Graham Riley Marotta Beau Newlands Matthieu Williams Senior (17+ Years) Harry Carpenter Finn Flaherty Timothy Scherer James Walker BBSSSA Swimming Results 2018  
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21.03.18 Curriculum
Latest News and Opportunities from Careers/VET
White Card Success Congratulations to the 74 students who successfully completed The General Construction Induction (White Card) training through The Master Builders Association. This course was a mandatory component of their VET course and now enables them to go out on their work placement next term.  Classes going out on work placement next term are: Year 11 Construction, Hospitality and, Metal and Engineering. Parents will shortly receive documentation, through their son explaining the process and a work placement record that requires parent's signature. Post School Options Presentations To assist students make informed decisions about their career pathway choice, St Edward's College has organised four presentations during lunch time for interested Year 10, 11 and 12 students on the following days: Monday 9 April – Australian Defence Force (Trades and degrees) Tuesday 10 April – Apprenticeships and Traineeships Wednesday 11 – Newcastle University Thursday 12 – TAFE Presentations will commence at 12.45 pm and conclude by 1.15 pm each day and will take place in the ERC Foyer Parents are warmly invited to attend the presentations. On arrival, parents must sign in and out of the College via Reception. Interested in Studying Medicine? Information sessions for Year 11 and 12 students who  are interested in studying Medicine at the University of Newcastle are available on Monday 28 May between 3.30 pm and 5.30 pm.  In the Education Auditorium at Gosford Hospital, presented by Dr Amanda Dawson, Clinical Dean of the Central Coast Medical School.  To secure your seat please email Ms Dignam, Careers/VET Coordinator April School Holidays - Courses and Workshops Available Free Career Taster Day -  An opportunity to get a taste for a career before you commit to a course. The Career Taster Day will give students an experiential snapshot of the career they are considering. Whether that be as a content creator, digital designer, sports publicist, digital journalist or an entrepreneur (to name a few). Course will take place on 19 April 2018.  RSVPs essential! AIT: Special Effects in Film with After Effects  For those wanting to take their filmmaking skills to the next level, this workshop will help do just that. This 2-day workshop provides students with an introduction to desktop special effects compositing and motion graphics using Adobe After Effects. Course will take place on 16-17 April 2018, 10.30 am to 5.00 pm. This workshop is ideal for HSC students working on film projects. More information AIT: Unity AI/VR and Game Development  (Beginners-Intermediate Level) Are you interested in making smart artificial intelligence? Do you like making video games? Master the art of game development and integrate AI in this intensive two-day workshop. Learn how to use Unity3D, the most popular software in the game development industry. Course will take place on 18-19 April 2018.  More information AIT: VR and Game Development  (Advanced Level).  If you’ve already gained some experience in Game Development and Unity, take your skills to the next level. In this advanced workshop, there will be a great focus on Virtual Reality! Let’s see what you can do in one day! Course will take place on 20 April 2018, 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.  More information AIT: 2D Animation with Toon Boom Harmony 26th-27th April. AIT has been well known for its creative and talented 2D Animation graduates, and we are very excited to announce that we have put together amazing workshop! Over 2-days the students will have the opportunity to participate in the creation of an animated short story in collaboration with a group of other creative animators. On 26-27 April 2018, 11.00 am to 5.30 pm.  More information First Aid, White Card, RSA & RCG courses on school campus. On Campus course delivery, anywhere in NSW. First Aid, White Card, RSA and RCG Call 0243823055 email AIE Industry Experience Day A great opportunity for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 to learn about the game development, 3D animation and visual effects industries. Students will get the opportunity to learn about the different pathways to get into the industry and get creative in practical workshops using industry-standard 3D animation and game development tools. Course will run on Wednesday 18 April 2018. Register now at or call 02 8514 880
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21.03.18 Curriculum
Visual Art
Year 11 and 12 Visual Arts as well as the Photography, Video and Digital Media  (PDVM) students visited the Art Gallery of NSW on 20 March to see both the Art Express and Biennale exhibitions. Both exhibitions are a wonderful source of visual and other information and resources that inspire and captivate everyone who sees them. Visual Arts students were able to see first–hand the art of Aunty Marlene Gilson and Roy Wiggan; Indigenous artists we have been studying in class. Year 12 student Andrew Leonard described seeing the artwork in the Gallery as being,  'Very different to seeing artwork in a book or on a worksheet.' He added that, 'Aunty Marlene’s work really does show a different perspective of Australian history  - she documents history rather than glorifies or demonises white people.' Some other highlights for students were realising the size of artwork in real life and the impact that artworks subsequently have – Indigenous works that would not normally be seen by a wider audience can be easily accessed as part of both exhibitions. The Biennale has been a part of both Sydney’s and Australia’s art culture for some time and it showcases contemporary artists and their works in all forms. A popular form is photography and video, so it was wonderful for the PVDM students to be exposed to international artists who use this medium to captivate their audiences. Senior students were also able to see how their peers from other schools have approached their Body of Work for the HSC and were inspired by the technical or conceptual skill found in Art Express entries. Highlights from this exhibition were the use of textiles in traditional artworks, sculptural pieces involving video and exceptional Visual Arts Process Diaries that showcases how students had progressed from a seed of an idea to the fruition of their Body of Work. From the permanent collection at the gallery, students were able to see artworks by some of the world’s greatest painters such as Picasso, Rembrandt, Rubens and Gainsborough. How wonderful to be able to see and even touch some of these priceless pieces! The students will be returning to the Art Gallery later in the year and the Year 12 PVDM students will be heading to Cockatoo Island and Sydney for a photography workshop in Term 2. [smallgallery fooid="10978"]   Highlights from Stage 4 Year 7 and 8 have been working hard to learn new techniques to express their ideas in Art. The theme for this Semester has been H20 – artists who have used the theme of 'Water' in their art making. We have investigated the use of tonal variation in artworks by creating a drawing of water droplets using Graphite and Conte Chalk.  We have also investigated the painting “The Great Wave” by Hokusai and how he created tonal variation using line, shape and colour. Each students was given a segment of the Hokusai painting to recreate using tonal drawing. This was then reassembled on the art room wall. Year 7 and 8's attention then turned to drawing droplets of water – either on Stonehenge paper or grey paper, so that they could demonstrate their skill with tonal variation using charcoal, graphite and white pastel.     Highlights from Stage 5 Years 9 and 10 Visual Arts students have been hard at work creating a Body of Work that represents their learning about Still Life expressed using the Elements and Principles of Design. Examination of the artists Hokusai and Paul Cezanne has motivated the boys to delve deeper into their understanding of both traditional and contemporary art practices. So far, we have created a series of still life images that have appropriated the subject matter and artistic approach of artists – such as using geometric shapes in an overlaying pattern in the background or using those geometric shapes to determine the form of shapes such as apples, found in the art of Janet Fish.         Highlights from Stage 6 Preliminary and HSC students in Visual Arts at St Edward's have been working on their Body of Work for the HSC, which includes Prelimary work as well as Visual Arts Process Diaries. The boys need to showcase their artistic talent and also prove their conceptual strengths by preparing a body of work that demonstrates their skills in drawing, painting or any other media. They also need to be able to clearly state their artistic purpose and concept. Previous St Edward's students have been very successful in Visual Arts as a HSC subject, scoring solid marks in both the Art Making and Art Theory components of the course. It is our aim this year to blitz the field and score higher than ever before as we delve deeper into art theory is new ways, such as using our Visible Learning and Cultures of Thinking models for structuring responses. Visible Learning and Cultures of Thinking The study of Visual Arts lends itself beautifully to visible learning and a tool with which we can break open our understanding of artworks and the concepts and meaning behind them. The walls in the art rooms are no longer static displays of student work but 'prime real estate' for displaying both our art making practice and our thinking about art. Students are no longer passive learners but active ones, sharing their ideas, concepts and understanding about all subjects, not just art. In Art, we establish classrooms where the thinking is valued just as much as the practice. Everyone in our room is a teacher and everyone is responsible for their own learning. The questions we ask ourselves most often are: What makes you say that? How do you know? How does this fit with what we already know? What’s really going on here? What’s another angle on this?
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19.03.18 Curriculum
Year 8 French
For bonus marks in their recent French assignment, “Visitons la France” (Let’s visit France), Year 8 students were able to create a model of a French icon. The creativity of the students was wonderful, as seen in the following photos. [smallgallery fooid="10815"]
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19.03.18 Curriculum
Student Report – Timber Products and Furniture
Preliminary Industrial Technology Industry Study Timber Products and Furniture Technologies  Written by Max Thornton (Year 11) On Wednesday 14 March, the Year 11 Industrial Technology Timber classes went to visit Loughlin Furniture in West Gosford and Shamrock Joinery in Ourimbah as part of our Industry Study assessment. We met Rob from Loughlin Furniture, he is the owner and started the business over ten years ago. Assisting Rob was his wife on finance and sales, and three other employees that provide vital industry skills and knowledge in the production of solid timber furniture. They gave up their time to  tell us about the business and the way it runs, from rough sawn material to a completed product. This provided us with a valuable insight into how a ‘smaller’ business runs. After an hour and a half of discussion we moved to Shamrock Joinery in Ourimbah and met Mark the Floor Manager and he provided a greater understanding of  a ‘larger’ business, the way it runs and the machinery that goes into each production processes. The company name, Shamrock started 3 years ago, but the business has over 30 years experience creating custom timber windows, shutters and doors. We learnt about the staff and their roles in the business, there are 26 staff members involved in production, and 7 involved in the sales, marketing and every day running of the business. The experience was of great benefit to me, as it provided an insight of how I could possibly get a job in that work area. Rob from Loughlin Furniture explained how one of their apprentices obtained his position by presenting himself well, and displaying a strong work ethic as well as independence. The excursion helped to further my knowledge of the Timber and Furniture industry, and I was surprised at how many processes can be completed by larger machinery with the ability to speed up production and create quality products. [smallgallery fooid= "10906"]
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16.03.18 Sport
St Edward’s College vs Patrician Brothers’ College
Travelling to play rugby league at any opposition’s school is daunting, but when the school in question is one of Australia’s premier rugby league nurseries - in Patrician Brothers' Blacktown - it takes things to a whole new level. Under 14's:  St Edward's College def Patrician Brothers College 26-10 The Under 14's St Edward’s team were up for the challenge and played some great football to win the match 26-10. The game started poorly with one of our superstars, Parker Robinson, coming off with a fractured wrist. After regrouping, the Eddies forwards rumbled through the middle before letting the ball fly to the edges, where our wider men took apart the defence. Tries to Jasper Shedden, Ben Dufficy, Ben Taylor and Emmet Nicholls all came through great lead up plays, where the team took advantage of running towards ‘spaces not faces’. Ben Dufficy was awarded man of the match, however, everyone wearing the black and red of St Edward’s contributed to the victory. After the game, the Blacktown boys put on a BBQ and provided drinks; whilst Mr Beacroft spoke about the great rivalry and friendship that has blossomed between the two schools. Thank you to the parents and teachers involved on the day who assisted by supporting our boys. The Rugby League Tournaments start next term…. Bring it on! Team: Ryan Green, Parker Robinson, Toby Paterson, Jaspar Shedden, Cruz Yarnold, Ben Taylor, Joel Sherub, Ben Dufficy (C), Emmet Nicholls, Tom Peters, Egan Verheyen, Charlie Cartwright, Jackson Ryan, Jack Jamieson (VC), William Drennan, Cooper Zammit, Nicholas Green, Sebastian Plaister, Toby Pymble, Dylan Jackson, Chris Murray Mr Paul Sullivan Coach Under 15's: St Edward's College def Patrician Brothers College 24-22 On 14 March,  21 Under 15's Eddie’s players made the journey out West to Blacktown for our Annual game. This game has been played for 15 years and is a testament to the camaraderie between the two Colleges. When we arrived, the boys were impressed to observe a beautifully manicured oval to play on.  The team also noted what a multi-cultural school Blacktown is compared with our own. There was a great atmosphere throughout the game especially when the crowd roared. Taking on last year’s State Champions is a tough task but our boys were up for the challenge. The game began impressively for St Edward’s with great charges from the forwards and slick work from the backs. Prominent in the early exchanges were Dylan Poate, Marlon Guest, Lulu Paea and Daniel Peters. With Fletcher Powell and Owen Flaherty calling the shot’s, Eddies were able to post the first try after a magnificent run from Dylan Poate. This gave our boys plenty of confidence but Blacktown were not going to go away without a fight. They scored shortly after to remind us we were in for a tough battle. The game continued to ebb and flow as each side took turns at dominating the game. The tough tackling from all players and organised attack was a feature of this highly entertaining contest. At full time, St Edward’s were able to claim a well-deserved two-point victory. Both teams need to be congratulated for the spirit in which the game was played. After the game, a player from each team was named Man of the Match. This year Dylan Poate received the award for St Edward’s. He was a tower of strength in attack and defence. All players were then offered lunch and a drink, which was appreciated after such a tough game. Tries: Dylan Poate (2), Fletcher Powell, Owen Flaherty Goals: Fletcher Powell, Luke Osgood, Owen Flaherty Team: Beau Newlands, Aaron Antonio, Fletcher Powell, Cooper Edmunds, Tyler Moriarty, Marlon Guest, Nicholas Elwin, Daniel Peters, Ethan Myers, Dylan Poate, Hudson Skirka, Luke Osgood, Noah Morris, Jonty Clayton, Owen Flaherty, Max Hong, Lulu Paea, Logan McNeill, Hunter Dixon, Ethan Falconer, Ulysses Fotofila Mr Anthony Herringe Coach [smallgallery fooid="10850"]
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13.03.18 Curriculum
Fun and Friendship at Year 7 Camp
School Camp = Hanging out with your mates for three days, making new friendships, creating lifelong memories…. What’s not to like! The Year 7 Camp was awesome - as quoted by numerous students - and the challenging activities on offer certainly exemplified this: Archery, High Ropes, Sailing, Snorkelling, Giant Swing, Canoeing, Flying Fox, and Mud World. We were very fortunate that the weather looked after us and it ensured that everyone got to participate and feel included. The behaviour of the students was excellent, and this was echoed by the teachers and group instructors throughout the entire three days. I was very impressed by the manners on display and the boys were constantly being praised for the way they carried themselves in this environment. I was also proud to see our theme of belonging in action. On numerous occasions students were supporting others who may have been anxious or worried about a particular issue, and the level of care displayed was wonderful. One of the EREA Touchstones that we adhere to at St Edward’s is Inclusive Community, and this was personified in the actions and deeds of our students whilst on camp. We left as many, yet we’ve returned as one. Paul Sullivan Year 7 Coordinator [smallgallery fooid="10490"]
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08.03.18 Curriculum
A Day in the Life of St Edward’s – Year 6 Day
Today students from 10 different primary schools across the coast led by staff and year 10 students, experienced some of the many subjects offered by the College. In groups, the students rotated through activities including: art, photography, music, PD/H/PE, science, TAS and the library learning centre. The day focused around the students being hands on with the activities and were able to take home some of the things they produced. Overall the students had a great day and are to be commended on their cooperation and attitude to learning. Holy Cross, Kincumber and St John Fisher, Tumbi Umbi [smallgallery fooid="9899"] Our Lady of the Rosary, The Entrance [smallgallery fooid="9969"] Our Lady of the Rosary, Wyoming [smallgallery fooid="10028"] St John the Baptist, Woy Woy [smallgallery fooid="10090"] St Patrick's, East Gosford [smallgallery fooid="10163"] Star of the Sea, Terrigal [smallgallery fooid="10226"]
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22.02.18 Parent Connection
The Tatham Project – Working to Clean Up the College Grounds
The Tatham Project Committee is working with staff and students to clean up the College grounds. We are determined to reduce the amount of plastic that makes its way from our campus into Brisbane Water. We are well aware of the issues presented by plastics and microplastics in our marine ecosystems and we are increasing awareness of these issues. The Tatham Project, named in honour of and to carry on the good work of our late staff member Mr Steve Tatham, was form in late 2017.  Mr Tatham was passionate about the environment and took on the responsibility of encouraging our students to keep the playgrounds clean, he would often be seen with his 'recruits' sorting and recycling rubbish after school and adjusting his Litter Meter (a big brown cockroach with a sliding gauge) to reflect the cleanliness of the playground. This year, one of the first initiatives has been to alter the school bell to play music two minutes before the end of recess and the end of lunch. Extra teachers have been heading out to the playground during this time to encourage boys to get up and clean up. After the first day of the musical bell, Mr Claridge from the Maintenance Department, said that the time for him to clean up after lunch has been reduced from 1.5 hours to just 20 minutes. We are hoping to slowly change the culture of the boys – to take responsibility for their environment. The Tatham Project Committee would like to thank all staff and students for their support of the project. We also ask parents/guardians to please, where they can, reduce the amount of single use plastic that they put into their son’s lunch box! Initiative number 2 is 'Clean4Shore' on Thursday 1 March which aims to clean-up around the College wharf and mangrove area on the shore of Brisbane Water. Look out for updates throughout the year on the progress of the Tatham Project. [smallgallery fooid="9509"]
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19.02.18 Curriculum
NAPLAN 2018 for Years 7 and 9
NAPLAN testing will be held in May 2018 for Year 7 and Year 9 students. Your son will be required to sit tests in literacy and numeracy. These tests provide information to families and schools, about students’ skills in literacy and numeracy. Your son will have access to sample questions and activities within their English and Mathematics classes. All students have access to ‘Education Perfect’,  for mathematics, where they will find activities, tasks and skills to improve numeracy. Your son will know his login details. You can also access the ACARA website for more information on what the tests look like. Please read the documents below that provide further information from NESA and ACARA. Should you have any enquiries, please contact Ms Lisa Alcorn, Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator via email or by telephoning 4321 6400. Letter to Parents NAPLAN 2018   NAPLAN Paper Information for Parents  
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15.02.18 Sport
2018 Swimming Carnival
The annual Swimming Carnival was held on Friday 9 February at the Peninsula Leisure Centre, Woy Woy. Another successful day was had at the 65th St Edward’s College Swimming Carnival at PLC Woy Woy on Friday 9th February. Our Year 7 students got their first taste of high school carnivals and were greeted with an array of colours and costumes from the senior boys. The Year 12 boys took advantage of this being their last swimming carnival and adopted a carnival like approach to their swimming. Colour, costumes and a variety of floatation devices crammed into their one heat approach to each event. Age Champions Age 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Opens Tim Scherer Callum Sutton Finn Flaherty Under 16's Jacob Curcio James Walker Matt Williams Under 15's Riley Marotta Kyle Graham Beau Newlands Under 14's Daniel McLoughlin Ryan Green Nick Green Under 13's Aymn Hamilton Kai Hodson Jayden Redfern Under 12's Harley Dimech Tahj Werner Keenan White Records Broken Jacob Curcio (U16)                 Intermediate 200 m Freestyle         2:06:51 Spillane U14 Relay                 4 x 50 m Freestyle Relay                 2:00:53 (Nick Green, Ryan Green, Nathan Irvine, Declan Richardson) House Points 1st  Red (Spillane) - 1301 points 2nd White (Doolan) - 1202 point 3rd Blue (Shanahan) - 1022 points 4th Green (Knights) - 790 points [smallgallery fooid="9310"]  
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14.02.18 Mission & Identity
Commencement Mass
The College Commencement Mass was once again a special day for St Edward's. The students were reverent, respectful and prayerful throughout the ceremony presided over by Father Tadeusz the Parish Priest of East Gosford. Congratulations must go to all our brilliant musicians who performed at Mass. Our musicians were thoroughly prepared by Mr Toole, Ms Emmett and Mr Droz. Their performances added so much to the prayerful atmosphere of the mass. Father Tadeusz spoke eloquently on this year’s theme 'Be the best you can be'. Mr Bonnici, College Principal and Adam Bing, College Captain,  also spoke about this topic. All who heard these speakers would understand that the students of St Edward's College are expected to put their best effort into all they do. The students were also encouraged to use their gifts and talents to involve themselves in as many activities as possible. Thanks to all the parents and friends of the College who were able to attend on the day. [smallgallery fooid="9361"]   [embed][/embed]    
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05.02.18 Parent Connection
Year 7’s First Week
Year 7 have had a very busy first week at St Edward's College. After walking into the ERC on their first morning, wide-eyed and a little apprehensive, they soon settled in and became the latest 'Eddies Boys'. Year 7 started their week with our senior students greeting them and giving out stationery packs, they  met their Tutor teacher, their Core teacher and the students they would possibly be spending the next six years with. By lunch on their first day, Year 7 had found the canteen and all it had to offer, they had found a place to sit and were happily playing handball with old and new friends - even Mr Bonnici joined the fun. On day two, Year 7 became part of the very first, one to one technology program after they were presented with their laptops and issued with a College password.  Their classes then began to follow the timetable and subjects including Religion, English, Mathematics, Science, HSIE, PDHPE, Music, Art and TAS took place. With so much information being absorbed, Friday Sport was a welcomed event, even the wet weather couldn't dampen Year 7's spirit! [smallgallery fooid="9113"]  
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