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Year 12 Business Studies Excursion
On Tuesday 14 March, Year 12 Business Studies students attempted to travel to Cardiff to visit the Tony White Group Motor Trade.

Part of studying the Business Studies course, requires students to examine contemporary business issues and investigate aspects of business using hypothetical situations and actual business case studies when addressing the content.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to Cardiff with a multi-car accident on the M1 near the Dog Trap Road overpass preventing us from travelling anywhere. After sitting on the freeway for 2 hours, cabin fever was brewing and we made the decision to turn back to school with an hour remaining in the trip to Cardiff, otherwise we would have had to turn around shortly after arriving.

The morning wasn’t a total loss. We counted 24 emergency services drive pass – 5 ambulances, 10 tow trucks, 6 police, 3 firefighters and one woman who decided to get out of her car and walk her dog. We also added a quick McDonalds stop to observe the operations and promotional areas of this business.