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What’s Been Happening in Computing Studies
This year and in particular the start to Term 3, has been very different. We are currently in the throws of a lockdown which makes gathering to work on our projects more difficult.

In computing we are always building the skills around project management and the ability to work collaboratively and remotely is just part of the 21st Century skillset required in the global environment and certainly something we have been focused on in our industry for decades.

Year 12 Information Processes and Technology

The Year 12 Information Processes and Technology students have been working on their last project, an e-commerce website. The boys must create the site, or modify some of the free templates that we have collected for them, and then build a database to house multiple products, suppliers and customers. The skills shown amongst the boys include web design and graphic skills which highlight their multimedia skills from the Option topic, they then must pair these skills with project management and documentation skills and finally add in the required skillset to top build a MySQL database and integrate this into their website. All these skills and the knowledge they require are part of the theory aspects of the course and as the looming HSC Trial dates press ever closer, I believe it is an invaluable way to prepare for the exams. These students have had some extra challenges now being online, but we will endeavour to finalise these and post some results on the Student Spotlight in the coming weeks.

Year 11 Information Processes and Technology

The Year 11 boys have been working hard on creating a Podcast series. They are working in pairs and have been set the task as part of their assessment schedule. Each pair is to prepare a 5-minute podcast on a new and emerging technology. Some of the technologies include cryptocurrencies, nano technology, and a couple are on up coming software releases for home automation. These new technologies give plenty of insight into where some of the boys’ interest is and where we could tailor content to match possible career options. Some of these Podcasts/Vodcasts were undertaken whilst still at school and are now being completed in Home Based Learning.

Once we have completed these we will move onto a web service tool which they will create for social interaction amongst the class. Finally, we will move onto the final exams and then these students will be in Year 12 – just like that!

Year 12 Industrial Technology (Multimedia)

Year 12 Industrial Technology (Multimedia) students are well into their projects and not only are they facing the upcoming Trial HSC Exams, but they are also on a mission to have completed their major work by 5 August. This is the completion of their films, animations, stop motion animations or music clips of their choosing and the accompanying portfolio. To these students this is a major part of their coursework, probably the largest scale project that they have ever undertaken.

The students from St Edward’s and St Joseph’s have been working through the holidays and trying to work COVID safe whilst onsite through the current lockdown so that they can access the extra equipment and technologies that we have available at St Edward’s College for them. This includes cameras, mics, or even graphics tablets but the most important thing is the power of the specially built desktops machines they required at this stage of their projects. Many thanks go to our IT team for facilitating these machines for the students in Multimedia.

Our 2021 HSC students have demonstrated their tenacity by sticking to their decision to undertake a Major Project and standing by what was necessary to complete all associated requirements. Especially during these tough times where movement around locations are not permitted.

Year 11 Industrial Technology (Multimedia)

Preliminary students have developed vital planning and design skills to complete their minor projects. Focusing on completing various skill building challenges to develop their skills in image and video editing and manipulation techniques.

Year 10 Information and Software Technology

In Term 3 students have been asked by A History of Gaming Museum to create an interactive technological solution to educate visitors on understanding ‘the electronic gaming industry’. Their challenge is to create an interactive Information Kiosk that will be based on Gaming.

History of gaming time lime

  1. Three retro games examples (reviews, hardware, and software demands).
  2. Three modern gaming (reviews, hardware, and software demands). In Marking criteria an extra component to gain highest result.
  3. Future gaming possibilities.
  4. Link to your scratch game

Year 9 Information and Software Technology

The Year 9 Information Software and Technology boys have been working away on completing their Claymation Task. In the past this has been done with DigiEd as an incursion and a whole day is given across to the development of their sample file. We then usually get the boys to go about making one for their assessment as well. This year was done throughout our classwork and many of the boys were very new to the concepts of Stop Motion Animation and then postproduction film making. The results have turned out very good and they are very funny short films.

Like all the other members of the College the boys are in home based learning and we are endeavouring to start a programming unit using the UNITY gaming engine and development tools. This will once again challenge the boys and hopefully spur on some interest in becoming the next software tycoons.

Final Word

COVID presented a whole new set of challenges in the commencement of Term 3. As predominately a practical based subject, the move to home-based-learning required a huge effort from the Computing Staff and the whole TAS faculty with the creation of new online content and the transferring of existing content into our online platform CANVAS.