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College Teams/Sporting Events

A reminder that information regarding College teams and sporting events will be conveyed via the ‘Daily Notices’. This is read out each day in Home Room and students can also access these from the Student Portal. Details on meeting dates/venues, training, selection days and event details will be provided in these messages.

It is important that the boys pay attention to these notices or check them on their Portal each day to make sure they don’t miss out.

Broken Bay (BBSSSA) Under 15 and Under 18 Rugby League Selections

Due to the ongoing wet weather, the initial selection day was cancelled and moved to the back-up date.

The Under 15’s boys will now trial on Wednesday 16 March. Boys who are selected in the team will then travel down to Sydney on Wednesday 23 March for the Metro Catholic Schools trials.

The Under 18’s squad was chosen on a ‘paper trial’ basis. The following boys will now head down to Sydney on Monday 14 March for the Metro Catholic Schools trials: Joel Shereb, Tommo Peters, Emmet Nicholls, Charlie Cartwright, Jack Legge, Malachi Smith, Tyrone Dorrell, and Will Hodder.

Cross Country

Students have registered their interest for the College Cross Country Team. The Broken Bay BBSSSA Cross Country will be run at St Ives Showground on Monday 9 May (Week 3 – Term 2).

Given the number of students who have registered in the Under 13, Under 14 and Under 15’s, a run-off will be held on the following days to determine the final team in these age groups:

  • Under 14’s and Under 15’s during Friday Afternoon Activities on Friday 18 March (Week 7)
  • Under 13’s during Friday Afternoon Activities on Friday 25 March (Week 8)


Coming up in Sport

Week Event Venue Date
Week 7 Sydney Metro Under 18’s Rugby League Selection Trials The Ponds Stadium Monday 14 March
Week 7 BBSSSA Under 15’s Rugby League Selection Trials Morry Breen Ovals Wednesday 16 March
Week 7 NSW All School Triathlon – Teams Penrith Wednesday 16 March
Week 8 Broken Bay BBSSSA Swimming Carnival SOPAC Monday 21 March
Week 8 Sydney Metro Under 15’s Rugby League Selection Trials Blacktown Wednesday 23 March
Week 9 Broken Bay BBSSSA Under 13 Touch Football Gala Day North Manly Tuesday 29 March
Week 9 Annual Under 14’s and Under 15’s Rugby League vs Blacktown Trial Game Blacktown Patrician Brothers Friday 1 April