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French Exchange
French Exchange

There are several French students from Lycée Théas in Montauban (Years 10 – 11) who would love to come to St Edward’s for about 6 – 8 weeks in June – August next year. This is a wonderful opportunity to host a French student and then go to France at the end of the year to experience life and school in France. It would only cost you your airfare, insurance and spending money. You do NOT need to be studying elective French. You also earn Waterford hours.


Lycée Théas  is one of a  group of three Catholic schools in Montauban, in the south-west of France, a small town of 60,000 inhabitants situated 55 km to the north of Toulouse. There are three parts of the school: the primary school (l’école primaire), the junior high school (le collège) and the senior high school (le lycée).

Madame Josiane Fley is an English teacher at the collège and at the lycée and she works with me to organise individual exchange programs for our students. Students from Lycée Théas come to St Edward’s for between one and two months and students from St Edward’s have the opportunity to attend Lycée Théas for between one and two months later the same year. I would generally recommend that our students go to France in Dec/Jan so that their other studies are not adversely affected. The French students would generally come in July/August but this would not be obligatory. The two families involved could work which dates work best for them.

In this program students stay with a family, attend school and there are no fees paid either in France or in Australia. With this relationship, students are able to do an exchange program with minimal costs (airfares, insurance and spending money). Obviously, for elective French students from St Edward’s, there is the opportunity to significantly improve their French language skills. For non-elective French students, the cultural exchange is equally valuable for the life experience and the friendships that are made.

The program is available to any St Edward’s student from Year 9 onwards, but priority will be given to those students who are studying elective French and those students in Years 10, 11 & 12. Students from St Edward’s will be matched by age, school year, interests and hobbies.

If you would like to be part of this program, please contact me for the application forms. For any further information, please email me: