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Stage 5

Information and Software Technology – Years 9 and 10

This Elective will integrate the Core into the Option Topics, as prescribed by the syllabus. There is not a pre-requisite for Years 9-10. All semester units will involve the development of knowledge and skills that focus upon the development of problem-solving and communication skills, as well as co-operative learning, time and resource management and an appreciation of current and emerging technologies and issues. Discussion of the personnel involved in developing and maintaining computer technologies will occur, along with specific investigation of the pioneers of each field. Each unit will culminate in a group or individual project that integrates the course content and skills developed in that unit, also requiring the student to develop project management techniques and documentation.

Unit Briefs

Year 9 and 10 Continual – Common Office Applications

Students will use word processors, spreadsheets, databases and desktop publishing applications to build information systems for student relevant examples. The development of these tasks will focus upon the collection and formatting of data and the organisation, storage and display of information. Students will also investigate the impact of technology upon various domains, especially employment, as well as current and emerging technologies. The major project will involve the development of a publication using desktop publishing software.

Year 9 – Authoring and Multimedia

Students will design, capture and construct media components suitable for inclusion and transmission across the web. Emphasis will be upon the construction and manipulation of images, animations and vector movies. Students will develop an understanding of digital media’s place with an information based society. The project will involve the development of a variety of thematic media components.

Year 9 – The Internet and Website Development

Students will analyse both the historical and emerging developments related to the Internet. Tasks will aid students to learn how to design, build and manage websites using a variety of webpage editing software packages, as well as developing a basic understanding of HTML coding. The project will involve designing and building media components to assemble a published website about a given scenario.

Year 9 – Robotics, Automated Systems and Simulations

Students will investigate the use of computers in design and manufacturing environments and their role in modern work places. They will also investigate, build and use simulations to model and predict events, as well as for industrial training purposes. Consideration for the impact on the individual and society will drive discussion. Automated systems will be designed and built to carry out processes via sensors providing feedback about their environment and then actuators performing some modified output. The project will be a group activity involving the development and documentation of a large-scale control system using Lego NXT robotics.

Year 10 – Game Maker 3D and Flash

Students will be introduced to computer programing using both sequential and event-driven paradigms. They will develop an understanding of problem-solving through analysis of system requirements and designing solutions with algorithms, as part of a formal development cycle. Students will progressively build solutions to student relevant problems. The project will involve the development of a system to resolve a range of given problems.

Year 10 – Digital Media: 3D Graphics

Students will plan and build media components, namely three-dimensional models that suitably describe real-world phenomena, or human interactions/movement, for a selected target audience. The components will be developed upon an understanding of modelling principles and storyboarding. 3D models and character animations will be constructed to illustrate a variety of objects or processes. The major project will involve the integration of these components to deliver high-end digital content for a pre-defined scenario.