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Year 9 Pop-Up Museum

In Week 8, our Year 8 History Students created a Pop-Up Museum of Viking artefacts that they had created themselves.

The resulting museum was filled with quality artefacts and descriptions that gave wide insight into Viking life. Objects included shields, axes, jewellery, and models of longhouses and longships. Museum descriptions told our viewers what the objects were, how they were made, where they were made and found and what this reveals about Viking life.

Congratulations to Year 8 on such excellent work.

It is also important to acknowledge the many people in the school who help make such a great opportunity available. These include our maintenance staff who set up the space, library staff who provided access to excellent resources of Viking artefacts and the many teachers who guided the students and received and set up the display. It is exciting to be part of such a community.

Jacqueline Quennelle
HSIE Teacher


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