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Matthew Frost-Foster

Congratulations to Matthew Frost-Foster who embarked on an incredible journey to Japan during the school holidays, where he had the honor of training with Sensei Hidetada Ishiki, a renowned Okinawa Kobudo Master. In addition to this invaluable experience, he also had the opportunity to showcase his skills at the Okinawa Prefecture Kobudo Tournament.

Kobudo is a traditional Okinawan martial art that focuses on the use of various weapons. In a remarkable display of talent and dedication, Matthew emerged victorious in his division, competing with the Bo. This remarkable achievement builds on his previous success in the global Ryukyu online championship for Bo last year.

Matthew is a dedicated competitor, training in a variety of weapons at BBMA Gosford. His impressive accomplishments are a testament to his commitment and passion for martial arts. As he approaches his HSC year, he aspires to continue representing his skills on an international stage, showcasing his talent and determination to the world.