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Year 12 Wellbeing Day
On Wednesday 29 June, all Year 12 students attended a Wellbeing Day. The purpose of the day was to strengthen student understanding about respectful relationships and how to maintain good mental health.


The event commenced with students attending a seminar, “Secret Bloke’s Business”. The presentation was led by Brent Sanders, a former policeman and now a motivational public speaker. The seminar addressed three key elements:

  • Taking responsibility for yourself and your actions
  • Making right choices
  • The importance of respect and self-discipline.


Brent also gave students a clear understanding of the legal definitions of consent, indecent assault, and sexual assault. Brent shared with students real-life stories and personal experiences to highlight how heart-beat decisions can lead to life-long consequences.

Following the seminar, students enjoyed a combined lunch with the students from St Joseph’s. Then all students came together to listen to Silas from Headspace discuss how to handle exam pressure and life pressures and how to ask for help. The afternoon concluded with a Q & A session led by prefects from both schools.



For any student or parent interested in finding out more about the presenter, Brent Sanders, please see the following links:

  • Brent Sanders website: Click Here
  • Podcasts “Consent and Consequences with Brent Sanders” is: Click Here

Anthea Pearson
Leader of Wellbeing