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Year 12 Geography Site Study
On Wednesday 27 April, the Year 12 Geography students went on a site study of dune ecosystems on the Central Coast.

They were tasked with assessing the health of sand dunes at Shelly Beach, North Entrance and a great example of dune protection at Cabbage Tree Bay, Norah Head. The field work involved creating a beach profile (seen in the photos below), investigating vegetation of the dunes and gaining an appreciation of and understanding for traditional First Nations use of native plants.

The day was a huge success given the uncertain weather. The dune systems have been under immense pressure due to recent wave energy and storm water run-off. This was evident in the students observations, which examined the various strategies the Council and private dwellings have put in place to prevent the destruction of the dunes.



The class were very lucky to have Mrs Mantelatto with them to explain how certain species of vegetation plays a role and maintaining the health and balance of dune ecosystems. She also led the walk through Cabbage Tree Bay, highlighting various native plants traditional uses as well as species being currently studied in the medical field.

Overall, it was a great day for Geography and important component of the students HSC.