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Year 12 2023 – English Studies
It’s hard to believe that it is Term 4 already and we are getting ready for the long Christmas break. However, there is no slowing down for the 2023 HSC year group who are starting their HSC pattern of study in English this term.

Mrs Titheradge’s Year 12 English Studies class have just commenced the common module titled ‘Texts and Human Experiences’. Their core text for the module is the film ‘Billy Elliot’. The class have already completed their introduction to the module by discussing what human experiences are and what impact they have on us and the world around us. They have also viewed the film and have started to think about the ways that the characters interact with each other through the essential human experiences they go through in the film.

Last week, the class studied the song ‘Standing Outside The Fire’ by Garth Brooks as an example of a related text for the film. Students watched the film clip, listened to the song and studied the lyrics as a way of understanding that human experiences, while encountered by everybody, can affect different people in different ways. The English Studies course allows teachers and students the freedom of engaging with relevant and interesting texts like songs as a way of capturing interest and extending ideas. The course is targeted at those students who enjoy English but who do not necessarily want to pursue a university education after finishing their HSC. Students can select from an ATAR or non-ATAR pattern of study depending on their needs and interests. It allows students to develop genuine and authentic skills that will sustain them in the real world and develop their knowledge of the world around them.

Mrs Titheradge’s class is a diverse and enthusiastic English class who bring their strengths and personalities to the classroom every day. They are privileged to have Mrs Annie Lynn in the classroom with them, supporting their learning journey and treating everyone to her amazing baking skills on a regular basis. The class is coming together as a strong unit keen to do well and regularly contribute to class discussions as a way of extending and consolidating their knowledge. Both Mrs Titheradge and Mrs Lynn look forward to the next 12 months with the class.



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