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Year 11 Student Leadership Topic – Vaping
The Year 11 student leadership group’s focus is risky behaviour, with the focal point being the topic of vaping.

Based on a student survey conducted early in Term 1, the leadership group were able to identify vaping as a major issue in the College community putting students’ health and well-being at risk.

They seek to raise awareness within the College Community about vaping and the effects that it has on an individual, and, with the assistance of Central Coast Health and the College Pastoral Care Leaders, have devised a strategy in combatting this issue.

The first step in implementing their action plan has been the placement of posters around the College to educate students about the side-effects of vaping, both on the individual and their surrounds.

They will also be sharing these posters, week by week, in the school newsletter to raise awareness in our greater College community about this issue as well. Their goal is to achieve a safer and healthier College community for all and these are the first steps towards achieving this goal.