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Year 11 Photography and Digital Media
As students move through the years studying Photography and Digital Media, they are exposed to many different techniques for both taking photos and film making.

Recently, we had the opportunity to advance our skills in using Adobe Premier Pro.

After either shooting or downloading footage to be used, we used Premier Pro to create our own conceptual film. The theme of the film was our own choosing, however, it needed to be without dialogue and include music as background. This meant that the main idea of the film had to be clear.

The storyline could involve any range of emotions, as long as it had a clear beginning, middle and end.

The following “trailers” offer some of the conceptual films we worked on. Some are based on HD landscape videos that could be used as background, others were based on movies or on original concepts. All films contain advanced techniques such as cross and exponential fade, unlinking and linking music, converting MP3 and MP4 files and much more.

We hope you enjoy watching our trailers as much as we enjoyed making them.