Year 10 Retreat
Year 10 Retreat Report by student Ethan Short

On Tuesday 6 March, a third of the Year 10 cohort hopped on the bus in the morning to go to the Kariong Scout Camp. When they arrived, they were directed into the hall where Mr Beacroft started off with some fun games to ease the nerves.

As the boys finished, they moved to the front where they sang hymns like ‘Shout to the Lord’, ‘Here I Am to Worship’ and songs such as ‘Imagine’ and ‘Hey Brother’. Singing was lots of fun as all the boys joined in and we even had some volunteers to come to the microphone or play the drums.

We finished the hymns and songs to go and have recess which was cake and a bottle of water. Those who got up and sung had seconds and some of those who didn’t, tried to sneak in but got caught. All finished eating, the boys headed back inside the hall to hear what was to come next. Mr Beattie and Mr Baldwin spoke to us about past relationships with their fathers, as this was the topic of the day.

All the boys were then split up into groups with an allocated teacher to talk about father/son relationships. We learned about different personality types and the effect this has on relating to our parents. Lunch followed and we had a choice of pizza or subway rolls as well as a soft drink or bottle of water. Left overs were given out to those who were hungry and none of it lasted more than a minute.

We finished with a small liturgy where we prayed, sang more songs, ‘Opportunity’ and ‘Lean on Me’. All the boys went back to the bus and journeyed back to school. This retreat was an enjoyable experience highlighted by informative speeches, fun and food.