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Year 10 Maths in Trades Visit
Year 10 Maths in Trades students visited the construction site during the Science Laboratory refurbishments

On Wednesday 21 February the Year 10 Maths in Trades students we lucky enough to spend close to an hour on the construction site here at school with Victor Ramirez the Site Manager from Unique Constructions, as they work on the refurbishments of the science laboratory.

Our Year 10 Maths in Trades students aspire to work in the building industry one day and this term have been working hard on developing an understanding on how to apply the concepts area and perimeter onto a building site. Victor has given the boys a project to work on that asks the boys to work out how many bricks are required for a new brick wall that needs to be constructed.

Victor also spent time walking the boys through the site and speaking about the projects that are currently taking place along with the projects that need to be completed. He spoke about the safety requirements on a job site, how hard you need to work and why having a strong understanding of mathematical concepts is important for a tradesperson.

The boys were able to ask Victor a number of questions and they look forward to going back on site later in the term once additional work is completed.

If you are a tradesman and would like to speak to the boys about your experiences on a job site, please contact Jackson English ( so we can arrange for you to visit.