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Year 10 Commerce Explore the Sharemarket
Year 10 Commerce – ASX Sharemarket Game 2023

As a component of the Commerce unit on Investing, the Year 10 students investigated various investment avenues aimed at generating returns. To acquire a more practical insight, the students were enrolled in the ASX Sharemarket Game. It provided an opportunity for students to increase their understanding of the sharemarket and how it works. The boys experienced how to buy and sell shares as well as test their investment strategies.

In building their investment portfolio, each syndicate received $50,000 in virtual cash to invest over a 10-week period. The students use live market conditions to assess and refine their skills and knowledge of the market.

Throughout the game, each syndicate engaged in the buying and selling of shares from a pool of over 300 companies listed on the ASX, utilising real-time prices. They incurred brokerage charges for each trade, replicating authentic share market conditions. Additionally, the game expanded its offerings to include exposure to 55 ETFs (exchange traded funds) and 5 LICs (listed investment companies), enabling students to diversify their portfolios.

Over the course of the game, not only did the boys actively engage in the investment process, but they also gained valuable insights into taking risks and navigating the highs and lows inherent in the world of investing. We have some aspiring investors on the horizon. Congratulations to all the boys involved.

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