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Wellbeing News
At St Edward’s we are trying to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health by involving all students in Wellbeing sessions to inform and empower them.

In Week 1 of this term, all Year 9 students attended a Wellbeing session with Batyr – a preventative mental health organisation, created and driven by young people, for young people. Batyr “gives a voice to the elephant in the room by smashing the stigma around mental ill-health and empowering young people to reach out for support”. The program involved students listening to young, relatable speakers who engaged the students with their stories of hope, resilience and courage in their experiences with mental ill-health. Trained facilitators educated students on the support networks available to them outside of school (kidshelpline) and inside school (Counsellors, Pastoral leaders, teachers and peers), to empower them to reach out for help when needed. The session was fun, educational and engaging for all students who joined in the activities and conversations.

Last term it was the Year 10 students who participated in the Batyr “Look Out For Your Mates” program. This session helped students how to identify the signs and symptoms they can look out for to recognise if a friend or peer might be struggling with their mental health. The session taught them how to start a safe conversation with their friend and how to ask for help.

Mrs Thomas was present at the Year 9 Batyr session and afterwards in her Religion class they continued the conversation about what is mental health. Students then created wonderful posters which are displayed around the school to educate all students about the importance of good mental health and seeking help. Below is a sample of some of their artwork.

Anthea Pearson
Wellbeing Coordinator

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