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New Waterford Opportunities
All families are aware of the integral nature of the St Edward’s College Waterford Community Service program in the development of selflessness and care for others, in our boys.

We believe that the current challenges we are faced with regarding isolation can also provide our boys with a great opportunity to complete their Waterford hours providing care and support for members of their family. For 2020, we encourage boys to complete fifteen Waterford hours in the home. Possible activities could include: contacting grandparents, family friends, isolated people or elderly neighbours to check on them, mowing lawns and gardening maintenance, helping siblings with reading, homework/schoolwork and spending time playing in the backyard with them, learning to cook and preparing meals for the family, cleaning the home (not just their own room), looking after younger siblings if parents are at work or shopping, or connecting with family and friends overseas therefore focusing on communication as a means to deal with social isolation. Parents are asked to sign off on their son’s community service hours on the summary sheet available on the College Website or below.

Fundraising is another way students can achieve Waterford hours.  Some examples of fundraising may include supporting local groups Lifeline, Coast Shelter as well as overseas communities who are suffering from the effects of COVID-19.  Students will receive 1 Waterford hour for every $5 raised.  Further further information about this please contact Mr Pat Dell, Leader of Learning – Social Justice on

Other opportunities by participating in The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Digital Door Knock can be found below:

Click here for more information about The Salvation Army’s Digital Door Knock



Clothing and food donations to the Smith Family, Coast Shelter, St Vincent de Paul and other charity organisations is another way to earn Waterford hours.  One bag or box of food equals one Waterford hour, parents can record donations on the Summary Sheet.