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Waterford Opportunities for Term 1

Please ask your son to commit to at least two service activities he could do for Waterford. One-to-one discussion makes a big difference ands helps students engage with our service learning Waterford program.


  1. Clean up Australia Day: Sunday 6 March (or at a time which best suits you). Clean up your street, local area, bushlands, beaches. Valuable opportunity to join this annual campaign Clean Up Australia Day
  2. St John’s First Aid course: 16  Waterford hours. For more information call 1300 360455. The College has some opportunities via PDHPE, for completion of first aid qualifications.
  3. Donating blood:  For more information see the website Red Cross
  4. Beyond Blue: Get involved in online advocacy/fundraising for mental health. For more information see the website Beyond Blue
  5. Social Justice Portfolio and other Portfolios: 45 minutes for attendance at each meeting.
  6. Homeless Sleepout
  7. Sibling/neighbour support
  8. Special jobs around/near home.

Parental consent is essential, given current COVID situation.

The Social Justice Portfolio is looking at ways we can combine with St Joseph’s College to create Awareness, Advocacy and Action on Social Justice issues.

Please contact Mr Dell for more information by emailing