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Walking Song Lines
The Walking Songlines Aboriginal Immersion has been an incredible opportunity offered to all of our students here at the College.

For some it was an eye-opening experience,  as well as providing students with the opportunity to connect deeply with the local Aboriginal culture and the beautiful Central Coast land through ancient practices and teachings.

Students in Years 10-12 had the chance to walk ancient paths, learn directly on Country from respected elders, and even try their hand at making fire by friction. The bush walks, the breathtaking lookouts over beaches and the ocean, and tasting bushfoods were unforgettable. But the immersion is not just about the fun; it’s was a profound learning journey about respect, kindness, and seeing the land through ‘Aboriginal eyes’.

Led by Tim Selwyn, a Wongaibon man with deep connections to the land, this eight week program taught students about the importance of community, respect for Elders and women, and the responsibilities of becoming respectful young men. It’s been about truth-telling, history, dance, song, and so much more.

This program is not just learning about culture but living it, building virtues that align with our College values, and walking with good intentions. It’s a path we’re proud to offer to our students and we encourage every student to experience this incredible journey and learning opportunity.

This program is open to all students, with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students from Years 10-12 having just finished their immersion in Week 7. Next term, it will be students from Years 7-9 who will have the opportunity to attend. To register your interest, complete the form in the Daily Notices, but be quick as spots are limited.


“There is so much that our current society can learn from Aboriginal cultures! We can learn about their community structure and how our elders are people to look up to and learn from and not necessarily someone who is a burden that needs looking after. We can learn new foods with healing properties like sarsaparilla and medicines like the sap from Sydney Red Gums that have been used for thousands of years to nourish and heal.” – Mr. Gentle

“This is the most quiet my brain has ever been.” – Year 9 Student