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Visual Art Exhibition
While school excursions are starting to pick back up again, Visual Arts students are still prevented from visiting major galleries in large numbers. What happens when we can’t get to the Gallery? We bring the Gallery to us.

The Eddies Theatre was set up with a “pop-up” display of artworks from all over the world – featuring names such as Picasso, Renoir, Emily Kngwarreye, Guy Warren, David Boyd, Judy Cassab and our own talented Visual Arts teacher, Jessica Beagin.

Here is what one of the senior students had to say about the immersion:

“It was amazing, to be in this dim room and have art all around, whilst inspiring music played as you looked at all the breathtaking art. There was a video playing of the potential of what you can do with your life and what art can be. We got to see what could be done with still images as the projector showed famous paintings from throughout history that were animated to look alive. We heard how art and painting has changed Jim Carrey’s life entirely and how painting can open up so many opportunities.

The exhibition was inspirational, showing us that we can put anything we want into art and that we can express ourselves however we want. By the end of the immersion, I walked out having felt hope, inspiration and had chills sent down the back of my neck as I felt enlightened at the possibilities art presents to us all.”