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Under 13’s Touch Football

The Under 13’s Touch Football team participated in the Broken Bay Junior Touch competition held at Doyalson Oval and played a series of games against other competing Catholic Schools.

The first game of the day was scheduled against St Brigid’s Catholic College, and the boys started the game strong, opening the scoring early. St Edward’s continued to play fast and elusive throughout the game, resulting in no points being scored against them and coming away with the first win of the day.

The second game was against St Peter’s Catholic College and the team was full of confidence from their performance in Round 1. This game started differently to their previous, with St Edward’s allowing a try early putting them on the back foot. The boys rallied after being behind for most of the first half and, moving into the second half, they finished the game strong scoring quick consecutive tries to push the score beyond reach of St Peter’s and taking out a second game.

The third and final pool game was against St Leo’s Catholic College. St Edward’s started the game strong and were punishing in their sets, making metres easily through our fast and agile middles. The majority of the game was back and forth, with both teams grinding for metres each set. The boys toughed out a tougher match to take the final win of the pool games, only conceding two tries throughout.

From being undefeated and top of the Pool A, St Edward’s moved into the semi final and were to verse the runners up from the other pool. Following suit from the other matches played throughout the day, St Edward’s came out strong, scoring early tries and eventually holding the opposing team to only two tries throughout the match. With some excellent work from our players, Eddies came away with the win and progressed to the grand final.

This would be the toughest match of the day, playing another undefeated side, St Augustine’s Catholic College. This team, who play on weekends together, were very well drilled and came out of the gates extremely strong. Trading set for set, eventually saw the St Augustine’s side take a 1-0 lead going into half-time. St Edward’s fought their way back into the game but had several tries disallowed. The opposing team were very clinical in their response to Eddie’s attack, holding them out and scoring another try late in the second half to seal the win.

The Under 13’s side played with courage and enthusiasm the entire day and represented the College exceptionally well. Special mention to St Edward’s fearless captain, Nate Herring, who led by example and George Houghton and Ray Peterson who played extremely well in all games throughout the day. This day would not have been possible without the support of Mr Jason Carpenter for his organisation and Mr Alex Rozario, who assisted in the team selection process leading up to game day.